Workzogo Review | Workzogo is Scam or Legit?

Workzogo is an online data entry company which pays its members for doing many different types of tasks. In order to get into the depth of reality, we joined their program and something happened which was generally not accepted in terms of reality.

They give access to the users in 4 steps.


1. Joining workzogo
2. Get member access
3. Login member portal
4. Start work online

Well these are the most common steps one need to follow and they are simple too but here lies a gimmick in it as the 2nd step which is Get member access will leave you in doubt about this program. In the second step. they will ask you to pay a membership fee of approximately Rs. 700 which is $10.

The task they offer you are very easy like promoting the link, clicking on some links, data entry, etc. They will let you work but when you will apply for a payout then they will say that your earnings are not valid or they will ban you.

There are many incidents which reveal that Workzogo is a scam.

First, many of us have already get scammed by this web site. They offered signup bonus to them. The bonus cash offered is in $. The task they provide you’re terribly simple like promoting the link, clicking on some links, data entry, etc. those who wish to form cash in short-cuts or people who haven’t any correct information on a way to make money online they fall during this lure.

Second, nobody has ever attained any penny from this web site. The claims of constructing cash on this web site are fake. don’t believe them as a result of usage of faux testimonial is incredibly common among scam sites.

Third, the owner data isn’t accessible. It means that they’re concealment their identity from us. this is often the principal characteristics of the scam web site. Therefore, don’t believe their promise.

Fourth, Links accessible on this web site direct the user to malware links. It affects your pc additionally.

Fifth, the website uses its member’s data to sell to some third party or use it for a few unscrupulous purpose. Therefore, it’s perpetually same that ne’er share your data with any web site concerning whose lot of information isn’t accessible.

Final Conclusion: Workzogo is a Scam

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    Shit man i shared my data with them

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