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Top 3 Reasons That Your Website Needs Video For Audience Engagement

Do you know why the world’s top websites use video? If not, then you’re on the right page! With the fast pace of development and advancement in this digitalized world, video is one of the most vital tools for digital marketing. 

From all the indications, people tend to watch motion pictures more than ever before. From research records, the possibility that the trend would derail at any point in time is zero!

According to WordStream, people spend one-third of the online hustle and bustle watching a video! The drift from text and visual illustration to video content has become so fast nowadays. Therefore, if your organization is yet to dive into this strategy, it’s lagging behind the competition.

So, suppose you wish to improve your business website. In that case, video is the answer, and if you wish to know why your website needs video, tag along with this article for the top three reasons for including video on your site. 




People navigating the internet are not very patient with their search. This is possible because of limited time to waste on things they think might not be necessary. Nevertheless, videos enable visitors to grab specific content quickly. If you’re a first-timer to any website, you will like to connect with videos rather than with static text. That is why more communicative and visual content is necessary. It’s like a one-stop-get-it-all! Engaging people in consuming content is a tedious task. But with the videos, people can engage for a longer time than any other form of content. But the video must be made short, full of information, yet entertaining. An attractive video should be a brief, 15 to 20-minute video. The format should be easy to consume and provide value. Use a video trimmer to edit lengthy beginnings and focus on the main highlights of your subject. It should be aimed at your target audience. 

Unlike other known digital marketing strategies, this strategy is not a temporary trend. Although some drastic digital marketing strategies may emerge, the visual content trend remains the leading strategy used by thousands of website owners. 

YouTube, our world’s leading online video platform and the world’s 2nd largest search engine ever existing in their records, supported the fact that:

  • More than 500,000,000 (five hundred million) hours are spent on YouTube daily.
  • More than 1,000,000,000 (one billion) verified users are recorded every month, nearly one-third of the entire internet users.
  • 45% of internet users watch up to 1 hour of YouTube or Facebook videos in a week.


Websites no longer exist as static brochure platforms. A study into the activities of successful organizations shows that they’re utilizing their sites to generate compelling experiences all over their trademark! Thus, present marketing directors search for techniques for connecting and developing a relationship with their site visitors. This is because they understand the benefit of those connections in boosting the figure of loyal patrons in the future. 

Notwithstanding the brand’s mission, video on a site enhances visitors’ experiences and develops those connections faster.

To drag our point, check out these few brands below to understand how brands make use of videos. These top-notch brands use video in the most successful ways to:

  • Share their story – American Modular Systems
  • Share their know-how – MOZ
  • Demonstrate products – ITNH


This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  comes in handy. As we emphasized earlier, YouTube, the 2nd world’s most significant search engine, is the property of Google and the number #1 most effective search engine in the world. All the keywords you’re targeting for your site can be a chance for video. Hence, as Google shows video in their search results, the best part for the marketing directors is that this boosts their chances of visibility for anchors/keywords.

Another great importance of video for SEO is that it retains visitors to your website for a long time. When judging how high your page ranks within search results, what matters is the length of time a visitor stays on it. Therefore, the lengthier the visit, the more vital Google perceives the webpage!

Having known why your website needs video, let’s move on to the benefits of video in your websites.


  • Easy to share information

Selling effectively and efficiently needs storytelling, and using videos is the best method of sharing a story. People need the information to aid their decision-making. Videos that convince people by breaking down the story into understandable parts are an elite way of practicing the benefits of your services and products.

  • Longer site retention and engage

Videos keep visitors on your site longer than their initial plan and connect them with your content. Short, informative motion pictures are the best way for high engagements. The percentage of more extended stays on a website with videos is higher than on websites with only texts and images. Google delights in pages with more extended “dwell” time.

Another benefit of videos on your website is that they keep your target audience interested and more focused on your service or product. This way, you gain the ability to visually display what you do and offer within a short duration.


Honestly, no one has the patience to scroll and read along with a website! The world populace now prefers watching and listening to what you’re offering through your video content. As there’s no more time for people who make so many vital decisions for their organizations, videos can put up your point drastically and engage future customers who won’t have spent the time to book an appointment.

So, why wait when you can make the best out of your website by implementing videos!

Article written by:

Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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