What If You Want To Become a Programmer or a Blogger? [Must Read]

Hello Everyone today I am going to share my opinions about the topic “What If You Want To Become a Programmer or a Blogger?”.

Its a dream of every parent to see their child as a successful man either as an Engineer, a Doctor, an Officer, Scientist, or even a good businessman but your parents will agree if you say that you want to become a Professional Blogger or a Programmer?

What are Bloggers & Programmers:

Blogger : a person who writes a blog, or web log. Every Blogger is not a programmer because you don’t have to be master of codes to blog.
Programmer : computer programmer, developer, coder, or software engineer is a person who writes computer software.
Common job between both : In both the jobs you have to sit in front of computer for hours & hours in order to write a post or to code a program.

Indian & most Parents on Blogging or Programming [advice]:

Let me clear all this,actually it depends upon the mood of the parents and how they have lived and observed the life because all our thinking depends upon us only.Our mind controls the extent of our thinking capacity i.e. how we can think about any topic.
If you are thinking about your career then you should definitely go with your interest.Go to that field in which no one can beat you.For Example- If you are good in Dancing then you should search for a platform where you can show the whole world – your dancing skills.
Being an Indian I can clearly understand the problems which a middle class child may face if he want to become a programmer or blogger as his profession. Some of the reasons are :

>>>Most of the Indian parents follow the herd mentality. That is, if your neighbour’s son goes for a particular education stream, then you will force your son to pursue that field.


>>>Everyone in India is not having so much money so that they can send their child to Harvard University or any similar University to learn about CS.

>>>Most of the Indians are unaware of the possibilities and approach of Programmers and Bloggers.

>>>They won’t be able to do show-off among their community because in India Doctors & Engineers are made more superior than anyone else.

Interested to become a Programmer or a Blogger? Don’t be sad, these jobs have much more than what common people think about it.

These two professions, that is to become a blogger or to become a programmer needs much patience,hardwork and time to learn skills as a professional one.

If you are thinking yourself a genius in your group and considering to go in these lines then you are thinking wrong and this will also lead you to failure in life in these fields.

“You even don’t know about the capability and skills of the person standing next to you.”

To become a programmer or blogger is a very good option and ofcourse becoming a pro in these fields is one of the best and most paid job in the world.

A programmer’s Salary at mid-corporation is much enough that he can easily afford a Luxury car but in case of bloggers their success is success of their blogs i.e. the more popular post the more will be income from the engagement of users.

As in case of many bloggers like Amit Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal have became a legend in field of blogging.They are among the top Pro Bloggers of India and have quit their jobs and made blogging as a full time work and also they are earning a good amount from that.

Top 3 Blogger of India with their Income:

1. Amit Agarwal
A former IITian, who considered as the God Father of Bloggers in India. He used to work in USA in Goldman Sachs until he planned to quit his regular job and start a tech blog called Labnol in the year of 2004.
Name: Amit Agarwal
Location: New Delhi, India
Education: IIT Computer Science Engineering
Blog Niche: Technology, Internet, Blogging
Blogging From: 2004-Present
Estimated Earnings: $30,000 – $40,000 per month = INR 20,00,000/-
Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising & Affiliate Income.
2. Harsh Agarwal
Harsh is a New Delhi based young blogger. He totally epitomizes the young Indian who is independent and has enough money to enjoy his life. He blogs about social media, blogging, wordpress, SEO etc.
Name: Harsh Agarwal
Location: New Delhi, India
Education: Computer Science Engineering
Blog Niche: Blogging, Social Media, SEO, WordPress
Blogging From: 2008-Present
Estimated Earnings: $30,000 per month = INR 18,00,000/-
Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising & Affiliate Income.
3. Faisal Farooqui
MouthShut is not exactly a blogging site but a consumer research and services web portal.  The founder of mouth shut is Faisal Farooqui. He got his education from University of New York Binghamton. He frequently travels between USA and India.
Name: Faisal Farooqui
Location: USA and India
Blog Niche: consumer research and services web portal.
Blogging From: 2000-Present
Estimated Earnings: $22,000 per month = INR 13,00,000/-
Income Channel: Adsense, Paid Advertising, Affiliate Income & Premium Membership.

Attitude of Programmers and Bloggers:

These two professions are such jobs where you can’t do show-off between your community even you will not have time to do so. In eyes of peoples you do a job in which you used to sit in front of computers. One of the most funniest thing which we can find on Internet is the trolls about programmers and there are many.

How other peoples see the colors and How Programmers and Bloggers see colors

Sometime Programmer and Bloggers have to work day and night to complete their Projects
Although it doesn’t matter how people[excluding teens because nowadays they know the importance and hardwork in these field] see you or think about you. Important thing is that you are knowing the reality of your work which normal peoples don’t think and If you are successful in that job then whole world will salute you. Nowadays everything is depended upon tech and one of the richest peoples are owner of different technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple. Always have trust whatever you do and Proud to being a Blogger Or a Programmer.
Because Technology & Science is What You Make It!!!

Article written by:

Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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