We Wish These Ten Science-fiction Gadgets Should Really Exist

Science fiction can be a powerful genre. In books like “1984,” “Brave New World” and “Fahrenheit 451,” we can clearly understand the dangers we face if we put too much power in the hands of the government. These books also stress the importance of individuality and critical thinking. While the setting may be futuristic and even fantastic, the themes are relevant to how we live our lives. Never dismiss a story just because it is having Robots or Rockets in it,there may be more going on under the surface of the story.
But beside deep social commentary, science fiction has also given us many other gifts such as amazing inventions that we would always love to have. Even Some gadgets from science fiction have also became reality. “Star Trek” introduced the concept of a universal translator – a gadget that is capable of making communication possible across language barriers. Now Everyone can use a smartphone and Google Translate to have a conversation with anyone in this world of any tongue. There are thousands of examples of real-world gadgets and inventions that were once dreams of peoples.
Now we’re going to have a look at these 10 gadgets introduced in sci-fi that we’re just dying to get our hands on.

1.The Hoverboard

Source: Arbortech Industries

“Back to the Future 2” had a lot of matter to live up to. It also introduced us the flux capacitor – a component we’ll visit a little bit later.
Basically,a hoverboard is a skateboard which runs without the wheels. It defies the gravity, allowing the rider to zoom above maintaining some distance from the ground. To turn on a hoverboard, you simply lean toward the direction to which you want to move as if you were on a normal skateboard.From the film we came to know, hoverboards don’t work on water unless you’ve got power.

2.The Neuralizer
For those of us who suffer from foot-in-the-mouth disease, no gadget would be handier than the neuralizer. An important gadget in the arsenal for the Men in Black, this gadget lets you zap away the memories of those who stare at the flashing red light. With the click of a button and a few soothing words, you can wipe out a memory and replace it with something else.

3.The Lightsaber

Source: lucasfilm

Putting aside the legitimate argument that the “Star Wars” series is really more of a fantasy than science fiction, we come to the lightsaber. It’s an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. The final part of a Jedi knight’s training is the construction of his or her own personal lightsaber. The films taught us that these magical swords could cut through nearly anything and were capable of deflecting blaster fire. Plus they make that really cool voom-whoosh sound.

4.The Electronic Thumb
Legend has it that Douglas Adams thought up the idea for “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” while lying in a field, recovering from drinking a bit too much during a trip through Europe. It wasn’t uncommon for students and other travelers to hitch a lift now and then as they crisscrossed the continent, visiting new cities and phoning home for more money. What if, thought Adams, the same thing happened on a universal scale? He constructed a tale of a befuddled human named Arthur Dent and an alien in disguise with the vehicular moniker of Ford Prefect and the rest is history.

5.Mr. Fusion

Source: ITER

We’re going back to “Back to the Future” for this one. The trilogy introduced lots of cool gadgets: time machines, flying skateboards and self-tying shoes are just a few examples. But Mr. Fusion could revolutionize everything.
It’s a throwaway visual gag at the end of the first Back to the Future film — Doc hurriedly sorts through Marty’s garbage can, pulling out banana peels and beer. He feeds it into the Mr. Fusion port on the back of the time machine. The big joke is that this relatively tiny device can generate the awesome power — 1.21 gigawatts’ worth — that the flux capacitor needs in order to make time travel possible. Throughout the entire film we’ve watched Marty and Doc try to harness lightning to get Marty back to 1985 and by 2015 the same power can be generated by an off-the-shelf appliance.

6.Iron Man’s Armor

Many comic book superheroes possess amazing powers. A few, like Batman or Iron Man, are relatively normal human beings who rely on their training and gadgets to get the upper hand on villains. Iron Man’s suit is the Swiss Army Knife of the super gadget world. It can fly, it’s impervious to most forms of damage and it features repulsor beams that can blast holes in masonry.
Throughout the history of the Iron Man appearances in comics, television shows and films there have been many versions of the armor. Some are large and bulky, resembling a tank more than anything else.

7.Time Machines
Time machines come in all shapes, sizes and styles. You could have a living creature that inhabits a multi-dimensional construct like the TARDIS in “Doctor Who.” You might plop down on a comfy chair and manipulate dozens of levers and dials like the time machine in H.G. Wells’s famous story. Or maybe you want to give that flux capacitor a real workout and zoom into time at 88 miles per hour (141.6 kilometers per hour) with the famous DeLorean from the “Back to the Future” films. No matter what your sense of personal style, there’s a time machine out there for you.

8.The Transporter
The transporter was the device that could dematerialize you, shoot you across vast distances and reassemble you at your destination. You didn’t even need two of them — a single transporter could plop you down from a starship to a planet below and scoop you back up again once your mission was over — or when enough guys in red shirts had shuffled off the mortal coil. A popular term for the act of being transported is “beaming.”

9.The Replicator


“Star Trek” also contributed this gadget: the replicator. As you might guess from its name, the replicator can create stuff as long as it knows what that stuff is made of on a molecular level. If you have the molecular recipe for lasagna, the replicator can whip up a nice batch for you on the spot.

10.The Sonic Screwdriver

There may be no gadget as versatile and useful as the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver from “Doctor Who.” It can open (or engage) locks ranging from rusty old padlocks to digital keypads. It can reprogram computers and repair old wiring. In a pinch, you can use it as a weapon and knock people unconscious with it or pair it with a power source to zap Daleks or Cybermen. What can’t it do?
Well, it can’t open anything that has a deadlock seal on it. What’s that? It’s a plot device designed to make it harder for the Doctor to escape a situation. In other words, a sonic screwdriver works in any situation except when it’s not convenient to the plot. We’d love to have this kind of device. Most of the time, it will work perfectly. When it doesn’t work, you know you’re in a really important situation.
While the Doctor has had decades to become adept at wielding the sonic screwdriver, his human traveling companions have also put it to use in a pinch. That gives us hope that this incredibly flexible tool would still work in the hands of a novice. We eagerly await the full-scale production of the device — no toolkit should be without one.

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    While some advanced technologies that have beforehand been depicted in films have subsequent to been invented,it appears that a significant number of the coolest fictional gadgets stay as out of achieve today as they were the point at which they initially showed up onscreen.Much more dreadful,some of these imaginary devices may have impossible technological obstacles that are difficult to envision always overcoming.

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