Instagram Video Marketing: How to Create Videos for Instagram

If you deal with social media marketing, it can be useful to understand how to create a video for Instagram that allows you to have more followers, views, and likes. Because in the end, you are on this platform for one reason: to meet needs.

To do this, and to achieve the goal of generating virtuous and real engagement, you also need the coveted visual storytelling.

It is important to understand how to create videos on Instagram, which are interesting and capable of adapting to different solutions. Here are the rules that will help you generate the best points for your social video content marketing strategy. In particular, you can find a number of advantages for Instagram. Where to start? Read on to learn more.



How to Create Videos for Instagram

Why create videos on Instagram?

Simple, they work well. They have a high degree of involvement and transform the platform into a sort of multimedia hub to stay updated and, above all, create entertainment. Here are the data from Hootsuite: 62% of people say they have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in Stories.

And the results are interesting: video posts receive a significantly higher number of comments and engagement in general – than other types of content, more than double compared to photos.

How to Create Videos for Instagram

How to create videos for Instagram

What are the rules for producing excellent content on this social network? First, you need to take into account the nuances of the various conditions. The video on the account is a minimum clip, a maximum minute of content to send a quick and direct message: here, you don’t have to waste time.

On IGTV, on the other hand, you can be complete and exhaustive: you have the possibility to create a real digital program with initials, introduction, editing, and so on. And for the stories?

You can also work with lower quality, but you must focus mainly on the ability to communicate your values effectively and focus on direct videos.

It is content to add to this format: in Instagram stories, you have the possibility to activate direct formats that focus on the immediacy of the message. Especially when you activate the feature that allows you to invite a friend, how does it work? Just follow a very simple procedure:

  1. Activate a live broadcast.
  2. Click on the button with the two faces.
  3. Invite a friend who is watching.

Now the screen is split in half with the faces of the people involved. Now you can create very interesting video content, maybe double interviews with famous and interesting people for your audience. This is also part of your content marketing strategy on social networks.

How to Create Videos for Instagram

Editor to create clips on Instagram

To be successful on Instagram, you need videos that can make a difference, and it is not enough to record and fill your channel with enough videos. To cut and edit videos with special effects, simply and immediately, you can use FlexClip online video maker. Its decisive characteristics:

  • Copy and paste videos.
  • Cut and resize frames.
  • Stickers and subtitles.
  • Speed control.
  • Transitions and filters.

All this without forgetting the wide range of solutions to edit the audio of your video. For example, with the function to add a voiceover, background music, and logo effects.

How to Create Videos for Instagram

With FlexClip video maker, you can avoid using applications and prevent the tortuous work of conquering likes and followers. It is possible to work clearly and cleanly to streamline the job. The results achieved without the app to generate links and comments make the difference.

What are your favorite tools or apps to create Instagram videos? You can leave your comment below, and let’s discuss it together.

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