WhatsApp Update 2019 – 3 New Features in Upcoming WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp is widely used all over the world by billions of people and it has now become one of the most used apps for instant messaging or video/voice calling. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook and they have very efficient and highly specialized Research & Development Team which works 24by7 to give what users want that means new features are constantly introduced.
According to reports, WhatsApp is gonna push an update very soon which will give three new features to WhatsApp, out of three, one feature could prove to be very controversial amongst the users of WhatsApp.
WABetaInfo is a publication renowned for analyzing development and beta builds of WhatsApp in order to gain an insight into forthcoming features. They have confirmed that 3 new features will be added by WhatsApp in the upcoming update.
Here are the three huge new features which are coming to WhatsApp for Android smartphone.

1. Blocked Chat Screenshots

Blocked chat screenshot is the main controversial feature which is coming in next update. This means that the users won’t be able to capture screenshots of chats. WhatsApp was seen testing Authentication feature in their previous beta versions also. “Authentication” feature for Android means that it will require the user’s fingerprint to be scanned for the app to be opened and that too also lead to blockage of chat screenshots.
Source: WABetaInfo
WABetaInfo announced this new controversial feature on their Twitter handle and many fans expressed their disappointment in response.
One said: “If someone authenticates it with a fingerprint then why the hell can’t they take screenshots?”
Another tweeted: WhatsApp please just focus on the Dark theme, not on this s***** feature.“
A third tweeted: “The wrong choice. I hope they won’t enable it.”

2. Emojis for Doodle UI

WhatsApp’s Doodle User Interface allows users to edit their photos using emojis on the go.
The old Emojis were good and usable but they were not consistent with the rest of the app because the icons present in Doodle UI were different from the characters within chats themselves.
Source: WABetaInfo

3. Animated Stickers

Back in October WhatsApp presented stickers that it marked as an approach to “help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express with words”. 
In any case, it shows up the firm is likewise attempting to convey animated stickers to fans, as per WABetaInfo that implemented them in real life action. 
Source: WABetaInfo
The enlivened stickers in WhatsApp have all the earmarks of being fantastically like those officially found in one of its greatest adversaries, Facebook Messenger. 
WABetaInfo said animated stickers can be incorporated into normal sticker packs for the application. 
While the outlet conceded the discharge date for the usefulness is obscure, it declared that it will be accessible for WhatsApp Web and iOS along with Android gadgets.

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