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If you’re already in the online network for quite a while, then maybe you’ll know that you need a credit card for a large number of international purchases. This can be a challenge since a person gets the last credit card on the grand scale of things.

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Even though getting a credit card now is much easier, it still has to be applied for separately, and you don’t get it directly with a bank account such as a debit card.

A phenomenon known as the Digital Credit Card or Virtual Credit Card has recently gained popularity that is essentially like credit or debit cards but is e-card based concept, and there is no physical card for this.

However, here’s a complete truth about these virtual credit cards i.e. you cannot take credit from these cards as these are prepaid in nature. In simple words, one can say that you can only use these cards when it has the required amount already present in the wallet.


Possibly you might be thinking about how it’s beneficial to anyone. Well, the answer is simple as many vendors and payment gateways don’t provide options for any debit card payment and only need credit cards to complete the payment especially in the case of subscription-based purchases then you may utilize these virtual credit cards for payment purposes.

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Payment can be made with a virtual card from online retailers such as Paypal and this makes transactions through various vendors and merchants. Let’s look at these 3 most popular Virtual Credit Card providers.

1. Pockets by ICICI

Pockets app is ICICI’s offering to help you shop. Pockets application is powered by VISA, and it functions as a wallet where you can send and receive money. Pockets also provide you with a physical card that you can use in stores. You’ll be able to move money to bank accounts and mobile numbers.

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Pockets app is an easy, ICICI bank trust-backed wallet service. Anyone can sign up for and use Pockets wallet and being a customer of ICICI Bank is no compulsion. With the wallet, a free virtual visa credit card is provided that can be used to make payments among all online retailers in India. Besides that, Pockets also provides an option to get a physical card connected to the wallet but the annual fees apply. A physical card has the advantage that it can then also be used at offline stores.

Pockets also bring from time to time a range of shopping offers, some of which are exclusive to Pockets cardholders. This makes the wallet a very versatile one. There’s almost no limit to the transactions you can make from Pockets. You can also use it to get recharges, passes for shows, and coupons.

2. Virtual Card by SBI

The emphasis on the protection of the account holder is on the SBI virtual wallet. The main account holder’s information is not shared and therefore the user is safe. The virtual card shall be valid for up to 48 hours or after completion of the transaction.

The transaction can also only be completed once the OTP is sent to the account holder’s mobile phone. A maximum Rs 50 000/- limit may be set for the card.

3. Net C@rd by Kotak

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The free Kotak NetCard (or Netc@rd) may be used by customers of Kotak Mahindra Bank. The service is powered by Enstage and the VCCs provided work only internationally because secondary verification can not be carried out in the form of a secure 3D code. For international dealers who don’t require 3D authentication, if you want to shop or pay for something, Kotak NetCard is a great option. Due to its small performance with just 1 transaction, it can not be used on PayPal.

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