Top 10 Features of Android 11 You Should Know

Recently, Google’s Android 11 Developer Preview page accidentally went live and Google has shocked us by actually releasing the first Android developer preview 11 (Android R) just after the leak. This could mean that the final roll-out of Android 11 will also take place earlier than before, or at least it’ll be less sluggish.
Having said that, here are some of the launched new features and enhancements of Android 11. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does include most of Google’s implemented additions.

#1 Send Image from Notification Replies

In Android Nougat, Google has given itself the ability to respond to notification updates from the notification drawer. But now, with Android 11, users can even send images from notification updates in the drawer right away. One can simply copy the picture and paste it into the response without having to dive into the document.

#2 Screen Recording

If you haven’t previously used a Pixel or Android One handset, you’ll be surprised to discover that screen recording has been absent on Android. But with Android 11, it looks as if Google is finally ready for that much-anticipated functionality. In the Quick Settings menu, users can start screen recording with a toggle. Notably, the recording feature on the screen currently does not allow audio capture.

#3 Scrolling Screenshots

Image Credits: XDA Developers
Scrolling screenshots is one feature that comes with most Android skins from third parties. Rather than having to take several interspersed screenshots with manual scrolling, scrolling screenshots do the job for you. For Android 11, it looks like Android 11 will ultimately allow scrolling screenshots. Although the feature is not yet live in the developer preview, it has been dug by folks at XDA.

#4 Scheduled Dark Mode

For Android 10, Google finally jumped with a system-wide Dark mode to do the dark side. Sadly, the dark mode could not be programmed to switch on automatically at night and turn off during the daytime. But now, with Android 11, users can configure the dark mode to turn on and off at scheduled times.

#5 Bluetooth Audio Codec Support

Android now also makes it easier for users to test which Bluetooth codecs support their truly wireless earbuds or Bluetooth earphones. Although the developer options in Android had a codec selection list, it didn’t tell whether or not the codec was supported by the attached earphones. Now, when a pair of earphones are paired, the selection panel would automatically deactivate all codecs that are not supported. Because earphones do not always choose to choose the best codec, this is a nice addition to Android 11.

#6 Chat Bubbles

Image Credits: Android Authority
If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger, you’ve met Bubbles before. Bubbles is a new messaging user interface that allows users to easily access ongoing conversations through floating bubbles. Tapping these bubbles open will open the chat, regardless of which program you use, and you can also swipe them down to pop them out. Ironically, on Android 10, Bubbles was introduced but had to be allowed in the options for developers. This isn’t needed with Android 11 anymore. Expect more apps to take advantage of this, such as WhatsApp, Telegram and WeChat.

#7 Flight mode won’t kill active Bluetooth connections

This may not look like a big deal, but it is. Do you ever want to turn to flight mode without having to ax your Bluetooth connection? Okay, I sure do. Yet Android hadn’t been contextually conscious of this up until now. But with Android 11, this gradually improves. When you listen to music or watch a video with an active Bluetooth connection, it won’t turn off when flight mode is disabled.

#8 Waterfall and pinhole screens support

Smartphone manufacturers have resorted to various methods in an effort to reduce bezels and enhance the viewing experience. While initial steps were notches and pop-up cameras, a lot of manufacturers are switching to pinhole / punch-hole displays and waterfall screens. Today, Google is growing support for such implementations with Android 11, so that app developers can easily make recommended changes for their applications to run without any problems.

#9 Dedicated conversation section

Android 11 is now introducing a new dedicated chat feature that will club all your messages together to make conversations easier. For that matter, these will be slotted above the other notification, such as app updates, emails or even Candy Crush notifications. This is a helpful addition considering how easy it is to miss a message in our crowded notification panels.

#10 One-time permissions

This is a feature we’ve seen oniOS and we couldn’t be any happier it’s making its way to Android now as well. This feature will allow users to provide applications with one-time permissions about location, storage, microphone or camera. It proves to be quite useful in programs that you don’t use very often, but need to do so every now and then. Rather than making the apps have unlimited access, these one-time permissions make Android much safer. Before doing so, users would need to make use of the Bouncer program.
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