Tele Verification Number 1507 Not Working For BSNL? – [Solved]

Recently, I got to hear about a problem that was persisting with one of my friends who got a new BSNL sim by MNP process. He changed his sim card from Airtel to BSNL but the major problem was that he was unable to complete the Tele verification which is mandatory to activate the sim card.

Things that were already done in order to solve the issue:

  1. Change the sim from one device to another device
  2. Tried changing the device from smartphone android to the basic mobile
  3. Change the Tele verification number from 1507 to 1503(as it was available around the Internet)
  4. Calling 123 or any other similar number for verification

The above were the steps which were taken but still, nothing was found to be working. Whenever tried again it was still saying that the number does not exist or it automatically gets cut.

This was whole a tedious task as doing even research online regarding the same problem didn’t help us, Even after finding many solutions from Google and reading many Quora answers the problem didn’t get solved.


The last hope was to call the customer care of BSNL from another BSNL number. And the results went really well after contacting customer care.

The customer representative asked few details about the MNP dates and mobile number in which the problem is there then finally after checking he said –

“There is no need for Tele verification of any BSNL sim which has been ported from any network”

After hearing this I just went to the retailer from whom I requested MNP for the SIM, then told him to do the FRC directly. FRC means the First recharge for those who don’t it is a compulsory recharge after getting any new SIM which finally activates the SIM and starts incoming and outgoing calls. Don’t worry or hesitate for doing FRC if the Tele verification is needed on your SIM then only FRC recharge will get success otherwise it will be failed.

After completing the FRC process everything seemed to be working well and the SIM was working wonderfully with all the calls and Internet working completely.

So finally, in the conclusion note, I can only say that if you are porting your SIM from any network to BSNL and you are facing any type of issue related to Tele verification then simply tell your retailer to proceed with the FRC process.

Hope this solves your problem and don’t roam here and there on Internet as most of them also don’t know about this and they have just posted anything like they will say besides dialing 1507 dial 1503 or 123 for verification but those numbers are not going to work.

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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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  1. Rocky

    Yes you are right. No need for televerification.

  2. Aditi

    Yes just do the same and finally it worked.
    Thanks for writing wonderful information.

  3. dharmesh

    port ka fayda milega na?

  4. Sunil karkande

    Facing same issue . Ported from Airtell to BSNL

  5. Chandan

    1507 invalid number

  6. Mohit

    Bro, I don’t retailer because of the are temporarily so,whatvi do

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