How to Prevent Chrome from Reloading Pages while Switching Tabs? – [Solved]

Sometimes when we open a lot of tabs in our Chrome browser then it sometimes reloads every page which we opened sometime before the currently used tab, so we need to wait in order to reload it. Just think about the situation in which you are working on some form filling website and apparently you need to open other tabs but when you again open that previous tab then it reloads your page causing a loss of work and time. But no need to worry about it as we have figured out a solution for it. 
This is not a serious issue because opening lots of tabs in chrome consumes memory and uses lots of resources. So, in order to maintain speed, chrome halts every other tab in order to save memory.
Here is a quick tutorial on how you can prevent or stop chrome from reloading pages while switching tabs every time. Just follow the steps given below
1. Copy the code given below and paste it in the address bar and press enter

2. A window will open as shown in below picture

3. Now we need to disable the “Automatic tab discarding”. For this click on ‘default’ next to the highlighted option and click on Disabled.


4. Now press CTRL+F to find/search box and type reload in it. Soon after typing you will notice “Offline Auto-Reload Mode” option. Now you also need to disable it.

5. When you will click on Disabled it will show a prompt box somewhere below in window asking to relaunch chrome. So, here is the final step in which you need to relaunch it by clicking on Relaunch Now button.

6. Hola! your problem will be solved as soon as you will relaunch the chrome. Hope this will work fine for you and Have a great day.

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