Steps to Delete a Partition Using Diskpart Command in the Command Prompt

Recently I purchased a 3 TB Hard Disk Drive from an online store at a good price and believe me it was working fine but one problem was there that I was not able to delete the partitions directly. After some google work, I came to know about an easy method to delete those partitions using Diskpart Command in command prompt(CMD).

Points to Remember:

  • Please read all steps, instructions, and warnings before attempting the Diskpart Erase/Clean. 
  • Diskpart Erase/Clean will permanently erase/destroy all data on the selected drive. Please make certain that you are erasing the correct disk.
  • Remove all additional drives from the computer excluding the drive you are booting from and the drive you want to Erase/Clean.

Follow All the Steps Carefully:

First of all, you need to run CMD(Command Prompt) after that Follow all the steps 
1. This is the Command Prompt window.
2. From the command prompt, type diskpart and press Enter.
3. The diskpart prompt will open.
4. From the diskpart prompt, type list disk and press Enter.
5. A list of disks will appear in a text format. You will return to the diskpart prompt. Step one verified that Disk 1 is the 3TB drive. 
6. From the diskpart prompt you will need to select a disk disk number (for instance, if the 3TB+ drive is Disk 1, you would type select disk 1) and press Enter. 
7. A message appears saying that the disk is selected. You will return to the diskpart prompt.

8. From the diskpart prompt, type clean and press Enter. The drive’s partition, data, and signature is now removed. You will return to the diskpart prompt.

9. The Command Prompt window will display the message “DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk”.  Close out of the Command Prompt window by clicking the red X in the upper right-hand corner.
Now your Hard Disk Drive can be re-initialized, partitioned, and formatted.

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Satyendra is a market researcher from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, research, and basically anything nerdy.

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