Some Basics You Should Know About Java Programming Language

Here are some basics about Java and BlueJ: 

>>>Java is a high-level language.
>>>Java requires JDK 1.2 or higher version environment to run the program.
>>>BlueJ and Greenfoot are Windows based software which is specially prepared for Java programs to write and to compile.
>>>JDK means Java Development Kit.
>>>BlueJ requires JDK 1.3 for its supplementary.
>>>Java is a simplified version of c and c++.
>>>Java does not support operator overloading.
>>>Java does not support multiple inheritances instead it supports a hierarchy of inheritance.
>>>No header file is used in Java.Instead, it header files, packages are imported into the programs.
>>>Java does not support pointers.

>>>Java files takes .java extension.

>>>When class is saved it takes.CLA extension. this file is run to obtain the output.

>>>Class is declared by the keyword class.this class is compiled in JDK or BlueJ.

>>>Packages in Java contain various classes to simplify the work and provide various functions.

>>>Comments can be included in the program after //.

>>>Comments and indentation in the programs make them more understandable.

>>>Complexity makes a program bad.A program should have simplicity so that it may be understood very easily.

>>>A program should be written such as it could be modified as and when needed.

>>>A program should not be restricted to be used only on a single computer.It should have portability so that it could be used by the users.

>>>Modular approach of programming concentrates on breaking the program into a number of small programs.

>>>Modular programming does not use GOTO statement for calling modules by a module.

>>>A module is a small program which can be further divided into sub-programs.

>>>In modular programming, programs take more storage space because of a number of modules, but the programs written in such an approach are easily understandable.

>>>A program having syntax error does not compile.

>>>Command to compile a java program is javac.

>>>Command to execute a compiled java program is java.

>>>The removal of errors in a program is called debugging.

>>>Logical errors are the most difficult errors to locate in a program.

>>> // Symbol indicates that whatever follows after it is commented in a single line.

>>>Comments of more than one line can be given by enclosing them by /* and */ symbols.

>>>Blank lines and spaces inserted within a program to enhance readability and clarity are termed as white spaces.

>>>Every Java application has a main method that tells how and in what sequence other methods are used.

>>>Every statement should be terminated with the symbol; in Java.

>>>Main window of BlueJ is called project window.
>>>In BlueJ the objects created are displaced in object bench.

>>>README.TXT file that appears on the class structure overview of BlueJ may be used for documenting the project.

>>>In BlueJ we enter the codes in Editor window.

>>>After entering the codes we need to compile the codes before executing programs.

>>>After executing the main method, the output appears on the Terminal Window of BlueJ.

Hope this may help you in learning some basic information about Java Programming Language. 

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