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While installing Google Camera or enabling Camera2Api in the fastboot mode most of the people face an issue which is regarding the improper installation of device drivers for ADB.
ADB or Android Debug Bridge is a package of driver which helps in establishing the communication between the PC and the mobile in order to debug any application available in mobile.
So, what is the issue which happens? Well there is an issue “Waiting for Devices” which occurs while enabling camera2api in the mobile which is necessary to install Gcam or Google Camera. Here we have given solution to this “Waiting for Device” problem.

Here is the video tutorial on “Waiting for Device” Problem

So What are the requirements to solve it? Well you don’t need any download to solve this problem, just simply follow all the steps given below


1. Right click on This PC and a box will appear.

2. Click on Manage option.

 3. Click on Device Manager.

4. A list of devices will be shown along with a category other devices which will show devices without proper driver.

5. Right click on  Android or ADB Interface and click on Update Driver Software.

6. Click on Browse my computer for driver software.

7. Click on Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

8. After 7th step a list of drivers will be shown and you need to select Android Device and click on Next.

9. After clicking on Android Device a list will appear showing some specific drivers. From this List you need to select lastest Android ADB interface and click on next.

10. A dialog box will appear with Yes and No option. Select Yes.

11. That’s it! You have solved this problem and you can see that the process of enabling Camera2Api is also completed.

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