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Scan It – Best CamScanner Alternative | Best Document Scanner Made in India

CamScanner is one of the most used Chinese apps in India and worldwide to scan documents. The government of India recently followed the protocol to take India to the next generation of self-help and using their own products up to availability. The Indian government has been facing a captured land tussle with china on the Indo-China border leading to conflicts in the relations of both governments resulting in the serious scrutiny of the data held by the Chinese applications.
Taking this into consideration, GOI banned 59 apps which were from China’s origin to counter the threat posed by these applications to India’s “sovereignty and security,”. CamScanner also got banned and removed from PlayStore for Indian IP addresses. Not to mention, CamScanner was quite popular among students and office workers as it served as a daily driver for organizing documents in a PDF format in the most convenient way.
But this is not a reason to worry because recently an app named SCAN IT developed by some Indian students is made available on the Google PlayStore for free to use.

About SCAN IT application

ScanIt – Document Scanner is an interface that turns your mobile into a portable scanner. You can search for papers, photos, receipts, magazines, passports, notes, ID cards, or business cards. Scanned photos or PDFs will be stored in photos or files on the computer. After scanning, you can easily name and arrange documents and share them quickly and securely with friends and colleagues only from the app.

Feature of the SCAN IT application

  • Scan Files using ScanIt with 5 modes: First, Default, Notes(A ScanIt dedicated mode for NotesBook and Book Scan), Notes-1, Grayscale.
  • Tune the applied mode to make scanning fine, while the modes are still self-tuned to you by ScanIt.
  • Text to PDF conversion, android PDF filter.
  • Scanned files (PDF, JPEG) quickly shared.
  • Support OCR Text Acknowledgement, OCR Text Scanner, Message Scan Photography, Message Photography.
  • Adjust views and borders, adjust the splendor of the scanner, rotate the screen, add modes, or change the scanning region if appropriate.
  • 100% Made in INDIA app.

Download SCAN IT application

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