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List of Realme Devices to Get Android 11(Realme UI 2.0) Update

Realme is no doubt one of the fastest-growing mobile brand. Realme is Oppo’s subsidiary which at certain points outperformed even Oppo also. In a very short period of time Realme has achieved a good reputation and became one of the biggest competition for Samsung and Xiaomi at the budget and mid-range segments. In countries like India, mid-range smartphones are in tragic demand and no doubt who is ruling this segment. Realme has a good reputation for its consistent firmware update to its devices at a regular interval.
Providing stable software updates on-time to the devices eligible for an update isn’t an easy job to do. There are very few OEMs that are much faster and consistent in giving the latest firmware updates or security patch updates, luckily Realme is one of them. Recently in 2019, Realme has released its own UI called Realme UI for the devices which were based on ColorOS 7(Android 10). Users were happy with the change in the UI along with the overall look, design, and some of the features which marked a completely new interface.
Well, if you are a Realme mobile user and you are waiting for the next Android update i.e. Android 11 along with Realme UI 2.0 update then check this.
Since the official version of Android 11 is almost behind the door and the 2nd public beta is already out, many Android smartphone users are very ecstatic to know their respective companies officially announce that their device models will expect an official Android 11 Update and users of the Realme phone are one of those too. So, all active Realme users can search the list of devices eligible for Realme UI 2.0 below.

List of Realme Devices to Get Android 11(Realme UI 2.0) Update

It should also be noted that Realme has announced that in July 2020 Realme’s X50 Pro model will begin the first Realme UI 2.0 early beta recruitment process. Because of the running second week of July, users look forward to it. The beta recruitment process for the Realme X2 Pro model has also been released.

Beta Recruitment & Beta Update:

  1. Realme X50 Pro
  2. Realme X50 Pro Player Edition
  3. Realme X20 Pro

Expected Device List:

  1. Realme 5
  2. Realme 5i
  3. Realme 5 Pro
  4. Realme Q
  5. Realme 5s
  6. Realme 3 Pro
  7. Realme 3
  8. Realme X Youth Edition
  9. Realme C3i
  10. Realme 6S
  11. Realme 6i
  12. Realme 6 Pro
  13. Realme 6
  14. Realme C11
  15. Realme X3
  16. Realme X3 SuperZoom
  17. Realme Narzo / Narzo 10 / Narzo 10A
  18. Realme X50 Pro 5G
  19. Realme X50m 5G
  20. Realme X50 5G
  21. Realme X2
  22. Realme XT
  23. Realme X

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