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Popcash | Best PopUnder Adsense Alternative 2017 [With Payment Proof]

It’s been around one and a half year before when I shared a post with you all regarding PopCash. PopCash is an ad network specialized exclusively in popunder CPM based display ads. Even though popunders and especially popups have been notorious for being annoying to visitors, advertisers still like them because they usually convert well and get visitors attention. Most of top-tier networks, like Tribal Fusion and Casale Media still have them, so is no surprise some small network are specializing in this area. Of course, these don’t work in all niches. Most visitors looking for legal or financial advice, would probably get annoyed and never visit the site again. On the other hand, if your website is about celebrities, entertainment, streaming content or humor, your visitors are probably more accustomed and tolerant to this form of advertising.

They accept publishers from all countries and their rates are, despite their size, very competitive. As a comparison, their CPM rate for popunders is 30% higher than Casale Media. They show one pop per visitor and rates I was getting with them on music/entertainment website are as follows: The United States $2.35, Italy $1.00, Germany $1.73, UK $1.32, Indonesia $0.94, India $0.85, Poland $0.90, Russia $1.01 etc. 
Usually am not a big fan of pop-under ads network but still being a publisher I was in need to check out Popcash. However, the results given by their ads are extremely unbelievable along with their wonderful referral network system. Back then when my Adsense was disabled by Google, Popcash was the one which I used and you won’t believe me that I manage to get an income of $34 without any extra effort. At that time I had no Paypal so I cannot cash it and left that money on that account only. In some previous month, I got my Paypal activated and it worked fine as the first money transferred by it was from Popcash only[Below is the Screenshot of the Payment]

Why this network proves itself as a Best Adsense Alternative

I have tested many ad networks but very few stands in the competition of giving out payment successfully which means a lot when you are working hard for your website but still failing to pay all the bills. No doubt that Popcash is the best Adsense alternative as it is 100% legit in the term of giving payments and ads are also the decent one. One of the best things I do like about this network’s payment system is that it took only 2-3 to transfer my payment to my Paypal account. While talking about its CPM rates then one can only conclude that it offer an average rate. Popcash also holds a good Alexa rank of under 500 domains in the world which is almost a sign of trust among the internet users. Overall, their support is one of the fastest I’ve seen in more than 3 years of my experience with various ad networks. Every site or ad I submitted for approval was approved within few minutes to one hour. I would like to suggest you all this ad network and you should give it a try!


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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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