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Google launched Pixel Buds A-Series in a New Color

Google recently added Charcoal as a third color option for the Pixel Buds A-Series and the Pixel 7, 7 Pro, and Watch. The Pixel Buds-A Series was available in Clearly White and Dark Olive in June last year. The latter was the choice for people who wanted deeper colors, while Charcoal currently fills that purpose. The ear-facing side and ear tip are black, while the dome is grey. The interior of the white case matches the outside, just like it does with the other two colors.

Charcoal Pixel Buds A-Series:

charcoal pixel buds charcoal pixel buds charcoal pixel buds

Google’s most economical version is the US$ 99 Pixel Buds A-Series, while the US$ 199.99 Pro is at the other end of the scale. It is noteworthy that the updated color will remain available for some time.

On the front of the control, the device has controls such as can play/pause and skip/go back, However, the volume option is not available on the A-series. It does not have any wireless capabilities with only USB type-C charging. Overall listening time is rated at 5 hours with a total backup of up to 24 hours including the charge provided by the case.


Google has only launched the Charcoal Pixel Buds A-Series in the US, Canada, UK, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and Japan. Interested people may pre-order the Pixel Buds A-Series from the Google Store in the aforementioned countries.


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