Write a Guest Post for Techno Geek Zone

We are feeling glad to let you know that if anyone who is interested to write a post/content for Techno Geek Zone i.e. want to contribute us is always welcome by us. Techno Geek Zone is a growing blog in the fields of Technology, Blogging, Science, and Social Media, and hope you will also be able to get up in the field of blogging by taking our support. Here are some FAQs about Guest Post:

What Kind/Type of Posts we Expect?

We expect well-written posts related to technology, mobiles, gadgets, or any category in our blog including inspirational stories of bloggers from guest writers. The posts that you send to us have to be unique and should not have been posted anywhere on the Internet previously. When we review the posts received by guest writers, we run some background checks to see if the post is unique.

Additional things we will require you to send to us?

Please include all the images used in the post as separate attachments. We host all images on our cache servers, and will not link to images that are hosted elsewhere.

How Long will it take for the Guest Post to be Published on the site?

All in all, it can take us up to 3 days to publish a post once we receive it. If we find problems with any guest posts we send out an email to the author to let them know about it. We also send out an email to the author to let them know when a guest post has been published or rejected.
Sending us polite reminders will not get your post published any sooner, and just slows us down.

How can you send your Guest Posts to us?

Please email all your guest posts to sam@technogeekzone.com. While sending an email, make sure to add the guest post as an attachment along with other requisites.