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The futuristic smart sneakers are released by the Nike – Adapt BB, the tech-infused sneaker, which was released during the NBA’s All-Star game, it also comes with an Android and iOS app that can control the shoe’s fitting and lighting.

Well, these sneakers are famous for their self-tying capacity which is further controlled by an Android or iOS app.

Nike’s brand-new sneakers Adapt BB stopped working for some users just days after they were released due to a bad Android update. Affected owners say that their left or right shoes are no longer paired with Nike’s app, which means that their fresh pair of $350 self-lacing shoes cannot be tightened.
Adapt BB sneakers were tested by many technology bloggers and YouTubers and they worked fine but recently Android’s Google Play store was full with negative comments regarding the malfunctioning of the Android supported sneakers. Many of the users have also expressed their anger by tweets.
The future is now, specifically that Nike didn’t QA the *android* version of their Adapt app as thoroughly as their iOS app, and all customers with Android devices now have bricked shoes due to broken firmware update routine. @internetofshit

β€” Jonathan WarnerπŸ₯‘πŸš‡πŸ€– (@Jaxbot) February 18, 2019

This is not the first time that any wearable is failing due to defective updates that ended up disabling wearable devices but the complains were even more:

β€œApp will only sync with left shoe and then fail every time. Also, the app says the left shoe is already connected to another device whenever I try to reinstall and start over. Hope to give an update once fixed” β€” Steve Craig.


β€œThe app has less functionality than the iOS app, and the first software update for the shoe threw an error while updating, bricking the right shoe. needs serious work. can’t believe Nike put out a product that just feels rushed or unfinished. support has been useless thus far.” β€” Asa Domolky.

In response to all the complains, a senior mechanical engineer at Nike also gave a statement

This is a new technology that we have packaged on your foot β€” the focus from an engineering standpoint was durability and reliability,” said Narissa Chang, a senior mechanical engineer at Nike.

The company only displayed its iOS app at Nike’s Oregon headquarters, but it guaranteed support for both iOS as well as for Android. While it is true that an Android app exists, the company has apparently failed to devote sufficient resources to test it.

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