Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Revealed

 Logitech G502 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse Revealed……
It is no secret that when you think about computer peripherals, Logitech is a company that comes to mind. The company has had a history of manufacturing a variety of computer peripherals ranging from speakers, keyboards, webcams, and mice. If the latter is what you’re after, the company has recently announced a pretty interesting-sound mouse in the form of the Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse.
What makes this mouse so special from other gaming mice? Well for starters apart from its 12,000 DPI, Logitech claims that the device is a highly customizable one. This starts with the surface tuning calibration that takes advantage of Logitech’s Delta Zero technology which will allow the mouse to be used and tuned to any surface, meaning that even if you forget to bring your mouse pad or if you’re using it on a cafe’s table, or office desk, you will be able to tune it to work on that particular surface, or at least in theory.
There is also the option to adjust the weight of the mouse as the G502 will come with weights and allows users to add up to five 3.6g weights to the mouse. Some people prefer mice that are heavy as it offers better control and precision, while others prefer something light that can move quickly and respond faster. It really boils down to personal preference.
Last but not least are 11 programmable controls that allows users to customize what each button does, whether it’s for trigger buttons, push-to-talk, reduction of DPI for sniping, and etc. No word on when the Logitech G502 will be released or how much it will cost, but Logitech will be demonstrating it at their booth at PAX East this weekend, so perhaps we will find out more details there, until then you can check out the video above to learn more.

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