Latest Google Adsense Tips For New Bloggers To Keep Their Adsense Floating

Hello Everyone Welcome To Techno Geek Zone. Today I am going to share some tips about avoiding disabling and maintaining a good reputed Adsense account for newbies.

Adsense is a service by Google which allows publishers to generate revenue from their contents by placing the ads in between or anywhere in the website you can also see 10 best places to add Adsense advertisements 
It is the best as well as biggest advertising campaign available across the web. But very few users are able to work with them because they are having very hard TOS(Terms Of Service) to comply with and also it’s useless if your blog is not getting enough views because views plays a major role in earning it is directly proportional to the earning i.e. the more the views of a page the more will be revenue generated. 


Here are some tips for new bloggers using Google Adsense to generate revenue:

>>>Before applying for Adsense program check that your blog qualify for all the requirements of Adsense and don’t forget to read Terms and conditions of Google Adsense Program.
>>>If your application is rejected, Don’t get sad keep on trying until your application is accepted.
>>>You should use a template which has clear navigation and reflects what you want to show.
>>>Your post must be according to your blog name and description so that it may not look odd.
>>>One thing which is required to know is that you should never click on ads on your own website or blog neither you should ask anyone of your friends or relative to do so because Google is more smarter than you think and will take no time to disable your adsense account.
>>>Always keep a check on your Adsense Performance report regularly because it is very important to know how your ads are performing well.
>>>Never use any click exchange or website exchange website to drive traffic to you site and never spam across the web.
>>>Try to make your hosted account to non-hosted account so that you can apply Adsense to more than one blog. hence, reducing chances of being disabled as well as increase in revenue.
>>>You can also use any other ad serving services along with Adsense such as Infolinks, and chitika etc. for extra revenue. but remember that more the number of ads request more slow will be your website.
>>>If you have a non-hosted account along with sub-domain of blogger make sure that you have added all the country wise domain because blogger is now redirecting users to 15-country wise domains. Much better is to use a top level domain but if you can’t afford then don’t forget to add all country specific domain to the site management list.
>>>Never get depressed or lose patience even if you are unable to generate a good income and always remember that satisfying and making your visitor happy is more important that making money, so never do anything which irritates your users such as placing so many ads making users confused.

One Best Trick To Earn Little Amount with Adsense from Yourself [works successfully in mine]

The best way to cheat google by click ads by yourself from any cybercafe or mobile in your home or from mobiles of your relatives is that :
Visit any search engine and do a search for any topic of your website so that it display your website in search result from there visit your website and then you will be able to click on your own ads which seems safe in google’s eye.
For example: I visit and there is search for my topic “what make jolla a special smartphone” mine result is 3rd or 4th in list from there I used to visit my website and can successfully click one ad and that’s it.
>>>Remember this is useful if you are doing it once in every 7-10 days and with different devices with different connection. 
>>>Never use your own ISP to do so because Google has all the records from where you access you blogger account. 
>>>As well as never login to Blogger or at google from the device from which you used to click ads.

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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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