Intel is Shipping Its Fastest PC Processor to Date and It’s First With Eight Cores Processor.

Intel Core i7 5960X Extreme Edition chip which is announced is aimed at gaming and high performance desktops PC. It is based on the Haswell microarchitecture and which is the basis for Intel latest Core chips.

This inclusion of eight cores and the latest throughput technologies allows for faster gaming application performance and video transcoding and encodings said Dan Bingham an Intel marketing manager and many of the performance gains will also come from support for DDR4 memory RAM, which is not in PCs till now. Compared to DDR3 the new memory will provide 50 percent faster internal data transfers performance, while reducing the energy consumption between 30 percent and 40 percent of energy consumption.
This Intel Core i7 5960X has a maximum of 3.5GHz clock speed but can be overclocked to higher speeds also. Bingham did not say the extent to which the chip could be overclocked but Intels comparable quad core Core i7 4790K in June was clocked to over 5GHz with air cooling technique. On liquid cooling the new chip could reach clock speeds higher than 5GHz speed.
According to Intel This Intel chip is 79 percent faster than a comparable quad core Core i7 Extreme Edition chip and Editing 4K video is 20 percent faster than previous, 3D rendering is 32 percent faster and video transcoding from 4K to 1080p is 69 percent faster now, Intel said.
This Core i7 chip has 20MB of cache and draws 140 watts of power also.


The Intel announced the Core i7 5930K chip also, which has six cores and tops out at a 3.7GHz of clock speed. The Core i7 5820K has four cores and tops out 3.6GHz. and The chips have 15MB of cache DDR4 memory support and draw 140 watts of power also. The chips can be overclocked.Now Top gaming PC makers like Dell Alienware unit Falcon Northwest
The CyberPower and Maingear will release desktops with the new chips and Rival AMD shipped its 8 core FX 8320 chip more than a year. Intel and AMD have gradually raised the core count in a battle to capture the desktop performance crown

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