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Infolinks : Best Google Adsense Alternative

Hey Everyone and Welcome to Techno Geek Zone, today I will help you in introducing out the best and working Google Adsense alternative of earning online via your blog using Infolinks. Are you new in this Blogosphere? No reason to worry about that because once I was also. So let’s talk about what you are here – Yes! Infolinks. Infolinks is one of the best Google Adsense Alternatives so far.
Unlike Google Adsense, it does not display traditional display ads that Adsense serves. Rather, the intent of Infolinks ads is to combat the end user’s banner blindness by introducing less prevalent ad units that are better integrated into the website’s content. Infolinks’ inFrame, inSearch, inTag, and inText units are designed to do just that. Below is some general information regarding the network.

Publisher Requirements

Publisher Terms:
Traffic Minimum: None.
Prohibited Publisher Content: Content that violates IP rights; pornography; hate-related content; violent content.

Advertisers & Offers

Advertising Types: Display, In-Line Text.
Offer Types: CPC.
Verticals: All.
Network Size: Unknown.

Ad Implementation

Implementation Type: HTML, Javascript.
Compatible with Google AdSense: Yes, as long as ad units are not styled to look like AdSense units.
Mobile Ad Units Available: Yes.
WordPress Plugin Available: Yes.



Publisher’s Share of Revenue: 70%.
Payment Methods Available: PayPal, wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH, Payoneer.
Payment Terms: Net-45.
Minimum Payout Threshold: $50.

Infolinks Support & Contact Information

  • Address: 505 Hamilton Ave Ste 210, Palo Alto CA 94301
  • Phone Number: 212-201-7481
  • Support Email:

Why you should use Infolinks?

If your Google Adsense account is banned then you may give Infolinks a try. Although this network is not so much popular than Adsense, as far as I have used them I can only say that their ads are good and non-intrusive type somewhat having good banner and media, embedded ads also work fine for most of the cases. Infolinks is also meant for medium quality bloggers and doesn’t need many high visitors to work and pay you. Feel free to join this Globally recommended ad network and comment on your views in the comment section.

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    Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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      Does studads advertising network also the best alternative to Google Adsense?

    2. Unknown

      The OpenGL version in macOS is too old to use Dolphin's GPU Texture Decoding, and as such is disabled and hidden from the UI. its a error here, check this for more info

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