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How To Tell Which WordPress Theme A Site Is Using?

How To Tell Which WordPress Theme A Site Is Using?

So, you have finally found a website that looks fancy, you like it a lot and gives you everything you need? Well, the first and main thing you should be concerned about and look for is if this amazing website is available on WordPress or not. If this website you like a lot runs on WordPress, then that is a good sign. This is because most of the sites built on WordPress are ready-made and have a different shelf design in them.

If this website is available on WordPress, you should directly look for the theme of the website. And all you can hope for is this site is either a free available site or at least it is a pocket-friendly purchase.


Let us take a look at how you can find which WordPress theme a site can use and how it can help to find the theme on online platforms.

Finding the exact theme name

1. An easy and quick win for all.

It is always worth taking a look at the footer of a website, this is because many times websites on the off chance of seeing their theme the author of the website have the theme included in a link format to their own website page. This link is mostly found in the footer of the website page. If it is there, lucky you! Easy peasy! Many times, it is not easily possible. You might have to look a little further. Don’t get sad, well move on and find out more ways to find the theme.

2. Check the code.

Oh, so no code. Don’t worry, because it is not very hard to find the theme. All it takes is small clicks. You can use chrome to find out the theme. Chrome is one of the most popular browsers in the world and it works on any platform you want it to. This works for any other browser also, but we are using chrome to be on the safe side.

Carefully click on the right side of the screen (do not click on the image, this will open a different menu tab).

The right-click should open a menu column, select “view page source”, this leads to a page filled with codes and these codes are just HTML markup that is needed to build a page.

Now you should be able to find a CSS styles sheet that is linked within different codes. For most of the WordPress sites, this is under the name of “style.css.” This CSS code is in a library called themes. You can make a quick search to search for finding this file. The style.css is a golden file, within this file, you will be easily able to see the specific theme the WordPress site made of. After finding this, you can take on another page code. This is the contents of the theme’s style sheet. At the top of this code page, you can see the information specifically about the website’s theme and about which website you are using.

There is no need for all of this information to be listed for one single theme to function.

Trying to find the same theme on online modes

Now that you luckily know the name of the theme of your favorite WordPress website, the author’s name, and their website link, you are pretty much done. You should also look at the author’s website; this will help you know if this site a respectable source from which you can use or buy the theme. This theme should be appropriately licensed and available to the public.

What if the style.css file only gives you the name of the theme and there is nothing else left? This will make it very hard for the theme to be found. You can start by searching about the biggest WordPress themes available in the market and also look at the official WordPress theme directory.

One important tip we would like to give you is even if you find the right theme, it is not always advisable to download or worse use premium themes for free. Even if the license on the website allows it, you should try to stay away. This is because most of these themes have codes running that can easily rip off your entire website and you do not want this running on your site.

What if you don’t find any theme?

So, no luck? Well, unfortunately, if there are no themes available in the style.css coding folder, then you are out of options. The one thing that can be done is you send an email to the site’s owner and ask them personally about the theme. This is always worth a shot when nothing works out on your side! Maybe this personal interaction will open up new and better opportunities for your website. The website owner can turn out to be a developer and decide to build a theme for you.

If not, then all you can do is look for a different theme and hope that it is as good as the other ones you liked.

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