[Solved] How to Pay ICICI Debit Card EMI After Due Date?

It was last year when I took a mobile on EMI with my ICICI Debit card from Flipkart. I got the phone at an extra 1k INR discount with the Debit card EMI offer. Everything was going fine with it but all of sudden due to some problem my EMI didn’t deduct on the scheduled date and later on, I was getting calls from the bank regarding the payment of amount manually via their online portal to avoid any extra charges as my Debit card EMI statement generation was at 17th of every month. So I need to pay that amount before statement generation day to avoid any charges. Although I couldn’t make the payment on time but was successful in finding the only way to pay ICICI Debit Card EMI outstanding payment.

For payment, ICICI sent me a link which goes like https://www.icicibank.com/pay and it has many payment options that can be used to pay Debit card EMI.

Payment Page of ICICI

I tried all the sections including the UPI, Internet Banking, Click to Pay and USSD, etc. Whenever I entered the details such as Loan account number in these options it gave a blank message or error which shows that the Loan account number or Credit card number not found.

Finally, after so many practicals from my side, I finally got a solution for this which was later confirmed by the Customer Care service of ICICI. The only method to pay the payment for Debit card EMI is by the use of UPI Service by any UPI app such as Google Pay, PhonePe, and BHIM. You can also use ICICI iMobile UPI also.



For UPI payment follow the given step below:

  • Login to an application – Google Pay, PhonePe, or BHIM app.
  • Select send to contact or UPI address
  • On the next screen enter the below VPA ID for UPI Payment of Debit card EMI.
  • After entering your VPA ID given below. The app will verify the UPI address and will ask you to enter the desired payment amount. Enter your amount and pay it.
Correct Format: ccpay.(16 digit EMI Account number)@ICICI
For Eg. ccpay.9401234567891234@icici
NOTE: You can find your Debit Card EMI account number in your monthly statement from your E-mail.


Be careful while entering your 16 digit EMI account number and do not enter your Debit card number in the VPA ID.

About Payment confirmation:

I sent two payments for verifying this method. The first payment was of INR 1 and the second payment was of INR 10. Both the payments reflected in the next followed statement generation only till then I received no payment confirmation from Bank.
This method is 100% safe and verified by the bank also. I contacted the customer care of ICICI bank through their complaint page and received these instructions only. I am also attaching a confirmation mail of the customer care received by me for your satisfaction.

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