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Here are some best and effective ways to use Facebook to drive traffic to your Website.

Having a great content and Search Engine Optimized Blog we still may have some  problem in getting enough traffic. In the beginning days of our Blog we expect to get a large audience but it is not so easy , neither having a unique killer Content works as our content doesn’t gets that much exposure as it deserves as it is not available to everyone because of less presence of our website in the Social Media. So, now what? Now the only way for survival left is Social Media , yeah with the presence of Social Networks such as Facebook as well as many social websites  there are large chances of your Content to reach many people out there from different regions around the world.

Here we have some Tips to get the most of Facebook to drive traffic to your Blog.


1. Using Related Groups
Join all the groups related to all those topics which you cover in your Blog posts. For example: If you’re running a Tech Blog then you should join all the groups related to Computers, Mobile Phones etc. Now by joining a group your job is still not done, you need to be active on group and participate in discussions and you can often leave your blog’s link in the comments if it suits the condition.
Remember one thing , you should not look spammy while using groups. Be careful!

2. Post your Blog’s article to wall of Big Pages
Yeah even this is an extremely helpful way to get the best of your articles exposed in front of hundreds or maybe thousands of people visiting the page. All you need to do is  leave your link behind with a catchy description .

Post on pages wall

3. Through your own Pages

Now this method can drive a crazy amount of traffic to your Blog if you are doing it in a right way. What I mean with the right way here ;
Know when your Audience is Online the most
Facebook provides this feature to all page administrators. You can check when most of the people are online the most in your page Insights.
check page insights
when most people are online
Include eye-catching images with the article link
As you might have heard before “ An image speaks worth thousand words . ” Leaving an ideal and dumb link behind doesn’t leaves a good impression at readers mind. To make a strong impact on Readers mind you will have too include an eye-catching image related to the post.
Craft Magnetic Titles for your article
98% of the people decide whether they will read the whole article or not just by seeing the Title of the post. So, your title should be magnetic enough to force them to stick to your article and click it.

4. Build Social Relations
Be active on Facebook and keep updating statuses or posting some funny stuff so that people won’t regret checking up the posts shared by you. Ask other fellow Bloggers to cross promote each other’s blog posts & do not forget to appreciate other people for sharing your stuff because everyone likes to be thanked for the help provided by them.

5. Use Hashtags

You must use related Hashtags anywhere possible because using Hashtags ensures that your post is getting viewed by the most number of people. 

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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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