Happy New Year 2015 To Everyone : Here Is A Year Review for TGZ

First of all Happy New Year to all the TGZ reader. The year 2014 was very special for me and other members because it was our first blog which got success also it was the most serious project we are working on. As it is said in the history that “Rome was not built in a day.” it is not false because no one can get success in one day. Here are few hurdles as well as good time which came this year during blogging:

Started a blog technogeekzone with : 

After seeing many successful website across the web I and my friend Abhishek(nicket) planned to start a blog where we can share our thoughts as well as tutorials to help peoples.

Waiting to get some views for pages in beginning:

In the beginning of the TGZ’s journey I used to write post but it didn’t get views. I was sad as my Blog was ignored by everyone but the time changed after 3 months and my blog was getting 50+ page views everyday.

Time when I purchased a domain for TGZ and we were

It’s around 4 month before i purchased a domain for TGZ from Godaddy and was a very good moment for me as it is also good for online presence of my blog. Also it seems more better to say rather than

Change of template many time- this one I liked most:

This is the best template I taken from internet but removed because it was not performing well. It was too slow and some people were unable to open blog in mobiles i.e. there were too many issues.

TGZ’s 2nd used template

But current template is designed by me on blogger simple template:

TGZ’s current template

Adsense fully approved[a Happy moment for me and my friends] :

After purchasing a domain I applied for adsense and holla it was approved and i was too overjoyed. In first time it rejected my application but second time they approved it.

A Slap from Google [Adsense disapproved within a week] :

One day after returning from my school I saw an email from google saying that “your adsense account is disabled for invalid activity” and i was shocked. I tried for an appeal but they didn’t approve any of my appeals.

A trick which helped me to get an approved adsense :

Long story and this trick you can read this trick on this page –

Got a bad Alexa Rank but now it is having a good Alexa Rank:

Dated : 1/1/2015 

From No rank to 8 digit rank to 6 digit rank. Working more hard day by day to increase it’s ranks as well as pageviews.

Completed more than 100+ blog posts :

Recently we have completed 100+ posts in our blog with number of number of pageviews.

Techno Geek Zone wants to say thanks to it’s readers:

We are feeling glad to say thanks to all of you cooperate with us specially to our readers who give their precious time to our blog. Happy New Year to Everyone. From – Satyendra Maurya and Nicket Singh

Article written by:

Satyendra is a market researcher from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, research, and basically anything nerdy.

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