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Geeky Talks #3 Is Blogging Dead in India After Launch of JIO

I usually don’t write this type of post but something made me think and write this post for no reason other than criticizing the free internet and call provider, JIO which totally made Blogging dumb. Yeah, it all started last year when India’s richest man announced the launch of new telecom operator named as JIO which provides free(Now Cheaper than any) internet access along with unlimited call on LTE network.
It started with a big bang as the sims were distributed to people all over the country for free giving them high-speed access to the internet and good quality calling facility. So what happens in India, if poison is distributed for free then for sure there will be a long queue for that. Same happened with JIO and people were spending a whole day outside Reliance Digital Showroom just to get a sim.
However the same wasn’t in the case of mine( a Very unlucky person I am). I never believe on free services this is the reason I made no effort to get that for first 6 months but being a student, a hosteller, and a Blogger too, it became a necessity for me. So, at that point, I realized that this small effort can save a lot of money of mine. Finally, I got that sim and started using it and came to know that the services being offered by the company in beginning was good but now it sucks.
Initially, before the launch of JIO, I was the only boy who was blogging since the time when JIO was launched but after the launch of JIO, my all friends became Bloggers and Vloggers. Not feeling jealous of that but something was happening in India which was that the whole country who used to search text content just to save some sort of internet is now using video tutorials to learn anything. What happened is views on Youtube started increasing leading to a large destruction of Blog users. So finally I can conclude only one thing i.e Yes Blogging is dead in India up to an extent as Vlogging is becoming a better one in every aspect of this competition.
Since this is a good news for everyone that India is developing itself digitally but it needs to protect some user rights(otherwise Bloggers will need to do suicide).
However, JIO stopped it’s free services and went to a paid version of it but still, it’s the only telecom operator providing cheaper rate than other operators in India.

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Satyendra is a market researcher from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, research, and basically anything nerdy.

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