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Geeky Talks #1 Jio vs Airtel, No Benefits to Apple, MacBook with Popping Sound, NASA Night Images, Facebook Against Fake

Hello Everyone, Today I just started a new stream under which I’ll be updating you with all latest tech happening across the world and as well as in India also.

On board, we got our first information which is from India itself i.e. the war between two giant cellular network company in India, Jio and Airtel.

Jio vs Airtel | Airtel Announced New Plans

In order to counter attack Reliance Jio communications in India, Airtel recently announced new plans starting at Rs. 345 offering unlimited calls and 2GB data/Day for 28 Days and a pack at Rs. 399 offering unlimited calls and 1GB data/Day for 70 Days.

Users Reported MacBook with “Popping Sound”

Another news here is related to a complaint from users of MacBook PRO 2016 Version under which users complained about popping sound while using the MacBook. This is the same case which happened earlier with iPhone 7 in which there was hissing sound when the device was in use. But looking into reports we can find out that this just a fault of the fan which when strikes the body then user hears a popping sound. 

NASA released some Night Images of The Globe

Latest update from NASA, It released some Night View Images of the Earth so that people may have a look on how our Earth look like at Night. However, I’m here providing you a video of the same

Facebook Started Taking Action Against fake Facebook Accounts

Facebook to start an investigation on its platform so that it can distinguish between a normal account and a fake one. Due to this monitoring, all accounts of facebook will be under eyes of the company so that it can remove the fake one as well as those accounts also which are publishing fake news or sharing only stupidity content.

Indian Government Rejects all demands of the Apple

One of the biggest news is that Apple who is coming to India for Manufacturing phones requested Indian Government to give some Tax exemption but India’s Finance Ministry rejected the proposal and said that they won’t be getting any special attention from us.

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