What Is The Difference Between Dofollow And Nofollow Links?

We all know that there are two types of links that any blogger know which is nofollow and dofollow. Newbie bloggers can do anything to get dofollow link from high PR sites.

what is dofollow link? and why any blogger want dofollow link? why not nofollow link? and how to check weather the link is nofollow or dofollow? I will give you the answer of the above given questions in same article.

Above given questions are very important for any new blogger or newbie in the world of blogging. I would like to tell you that the importance on dofollow link and nofollow links are same. How? Answer will be discussed in the same article further. First of all, what is dofollow link?

What is dofollow link?

As we all know that bloggers can do anything to get dofollow links at any cost. But why? Actually, dofollow links are crawled or followed by the great search engines like google. you can identify the dofollow links by below given a tag structures.

<a href=”” rel=”dofollow>title</a>


<a href=”” rel=”external”>title</a>


<a href=””>title</a>

If you got any of your website’s link having above given structure then CONGRATS! you got dofollow link. Now let us know what is nofollow link…

What is nofollow link?


Nofollow links are the links which is not followed or crawled by search engines. So, nofollow links will be not beneficial for anyone in terms of SEO. To make any link nofollow, link must have rel attribute in a tag. Below given are structures of nofollow link.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>title</a>


<a href=” rel=”external nofollow”>title</a>

If you got any of your backlink having above given structure then CONGRATS!!! you got nofollow link to your website.

Why we want dofollow link and why not nofollow?

To get better page rank you must have many dofollow links and there will be not much effect on pagerank by having lots of nofollow link.

There is much importance of dofollow links for your blog. The high quality dofollow links can improve your blog’s page rank which is responsible to attract advertisers.

The another benefit of having dofollow links is it will improve the blog authority in google’s eyes. Your content will be ranked higher in google search by having quality dofollow links.

Why nofollow and dofollow links have same importance?

Generally, every blogger want dofollow link as it has many benefits which is given above. But nofollow link is not least then dofollow.

If you have any nofollow link in the website or blog having lots of pageviews daily then you will also get traffic from that link. audience doesn’t depends upon nofollow and dofollow. If they will see some interesting then they will visit your blog definitely.

By getting more and more visits, your blog’s alexa rank will improve. Due to your good alexa rank, advertisers will be attracted automatically. Now what you are thinking. Both the type of links are same? yes….

How to check that the link on the webpage is nofollow or dofollow?

If you want to know that the link appearing on any webpage is dofollow or nofollow then you can check it easily by following the below given steps.
 >>>  First of all, right click on the link.
 >>> Then, click on inspect element option.
 >>> Then you will see one a tag highlighted. There will be one rel attribute.
If you can see the value dofollow,external or (Nothing) in rel attribute then it will be dofollow otherwise it will be nofollow.

By this method, you can check that the backlink you got is dofollow or nofollow.

Final words : As discussed above, dofollow and nofollow links have same importance. Don’t run behind dofollow links only to get authority, better position and good pagerank. There are many importance of nofollow links also. There are many difference between dofollow and nofollow links but both of them are very important for your blog. So start creating both types of links for your blog to get huge traffic.

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Satyendra is a market researcher from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, research, and basically anything nerdy.

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