CleanUp Master is Specially Designed to Cover All Your Android Needs

Remember when your Android phone was absolutely new, initially running smoothly and perfectly! Possibly it’s been many years since you last observed that sort of performance from your mobile phone.

CleanUp Master is one of the best and most dependable android cleaner application which keeps your device perfect and secure as well as enhances your gadget’s execution and upgrades its battery life.
CleanUp Master is an intense android instrument with its fantastic highlights, for example, Large Files (which identifies substantial documents possessing the majority of the storage space), App Organizer (which deals with all the introduced applications), App Addiction (tells you which application you love the most which is introduced on your device), and CPU Cooler (which decreases CPU utilization and drops down the CPU temperature).

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CleanUp Master – what’s make this app different from other apps?

CleanUp Master is the desired solution which you might be looking in an Android cleaner app.  It has wide features which make it special from other apps like Junk cleaner, Battery saver, App Addiction, Social Cleaning, Phone Booster, Game Booster, Similar Photos, Safe & Private Browsing and CPU Cooler. 

Here are the features which are briefly explained: 

1) Junk Cleaner: Increases the storage present in your phone by cleaning all the Junk files such as temp files, cache files, system cache, empty folders, residual files, boost speed and improves the performance of your Android Device and SD card. It keeps your phone/device clean and fast.
2) Phone Boost: boost the performance of your android device by terminating the processes running in the background with the phone booster.
3) Battery Saver: enhance the battery life of your Android device by automatically managing the battery consuming parameters such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. according to your needs.
4) Similar Photos: you can Scan and delete all the similar or duplicate photos which is present in your phone or any android gadget with just a single click and reclaim your device’s storage space with its duplicate photo cleaner feature. 
5) CPU Cooler: this functionality allows you to find and stop apps that causes your android phone to overheat and make your phone cooler by removing them.

CleanUp Masterworks as an anti-virus and a cleaner. This app will protect your phone from other malware and spyware from unsecured apps which take control of core processes, and as it also removes junk files that take up space.
Download CleanUp Master from Playstore

This post is contributed by Abhinav Garg. He is a writer as well as very passionate about writing blogs related to the IT industry. He has written various tech blogs on several topics and currently, He is working in Innovana Thinklabs Ltd. as a Technical Writer. There, He is working on a project named CleanUp Master Android app. CleanUp Master is an Android cleaner which effectively cleans and optimizes Android phones and tablets.
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