Clean Master: Best Performance Manager for Android Phones

We are today revealing a good app for your android phone which will help your mobile in maintaining a good speed for you.
Sometimes when we are having some work in hurry or in front of our friends,our phones used to hang which results us as a laughing stuff in front of our friends.
But no need to worry there is also a solution for every question.
you can maintain your mobiles manually by stopping useless apps every time which are consuming memory of phone but sometimes due lack of knowledge any useful service is also closed.
you can just sit,relax watch out with an app named Clean Master that will automatically maintain it for you without any extra effort.
What are the features of Clean Master:-
There are no of things that Clean Master Android App can do for your phone:
>>>It can delete junk files
>>>It can free up storage space
>>>It can free up RAM
>>>It can clean your cache

What are components of Clean Master:-


It is having an one touch function which means you can maintain your phone’s memory in a single click.
It is also having a eye catching display animation, so you will never feel bored to use it                                      

Icons of Clean Master and 1 Tap Boost

Clean Master app home view:

Home of Clean Master

It comprises of four sections:

Junk Files : Junk Files is an option of this app which will show the useless files that are created for other services so often on your phone. It has two option tabs in it:
1: Standard tab– Cache, residual files, ads  folders categories.
2: Advanced tab-Cache, residual files,temporary files, Big files which are greater then 10 MB.

Standard and advanced tabs of Junk Files

Privacy :This section will enable you to delete the browsing history of your phone to prevent data theft and it’s best for security also.

App Manager : This section will enable you to uninstall your apps or take back ups of your apps on SD card.

App manager uninstaller or backup section

Memory Boost :This section of app will show you the space occupied by various tasks of the apps in background  and will give you the option and advice to keep or remove it.

Memory Booster

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