Top 3 Reasons You Should Not Use Chatgpt

Top 3 Reasons You Should Not Use ChatGPT For Blogging

ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI has recently gained traction over the internet. Students are using it for writing their assignments, researchers are using it to write their thesis, and many are using it for professional work in many industries. ChatGPT is making people’s lives very easy thus it also attracted the attention of blog writers and content creators. In a short period, the internet is full of many tools and services based on ChatGPT. With its advantages, there are some disadvantages when it is used in some specific tasks such as content publishing on blogs and websites.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should not use ChatGPT for blogging or content publishing:

1. Google Does Not Favor AI Content

Google’s ranking methods seek to reward unique, high-quality material that displays E-E-A-T traits such as expertise, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google’s policies do not prohibit the appropriate usage of AI or automation. This brings the conclusion that it is not used to produce material but only to manipulate search rankings, which is against Google’s spam policy. In more simple words, this can be summarised as google does not favor AI content in blogs, articles, or news.

Additionally, if you are curious to know how you can identify AI content in any article or post you may use various online AI content detectors. Some examples include Writer AI Content Detector, Copyleaks AI Content Detector, and AI Content Detector (GPT-3 / ChatGPT / GPT-4) by Sapling.

2. AI Content is Emotionless

No matter how ChatGPT becomes advanced, there is always a human touch missing from the content generated by it. This is because ChatGPT can interact like humans but it lacks a brain. The chatbot will only provide results and generates content that is directly related to its system. Sometimes the response will be irrelevant and illogical.

So, if you use this chatbot, be prepared for inaccurate outcomes. The chatbot, for example, will not add any sarcasm or emotions to a response. It will generate results immediately to it in a formal tone.

3. Limited Knowledge

ChatGPT is being updated at regular intervals by its developers but it lacks knowledge about recent happenings. For instance, if you ask ChatGPT to write content about the latest trends related to any product or service then it may generate outdated content. Yet another precise example is given below:

chatgpt generated content

The above pictures show how ChatGPT has considered 5G Technology and AR/VR as upcoming technologies while these products are already rolled out in large numbers in various nations. Thus, these instances make the chatbot a bad choice for content writing as it will have a negative impact on the content of the blog and chances are also there you may lose visitors.


Minimal use of AI in content writing will not impact the search ranking or viewer interest. However, 100% AI-generated content may negatively harm your blog or website reputation thus lowering the search ranking. Remember, content is king.


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