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Let’s Have a Look at Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce Plugin

If you want to sell products in bulk quantities, your online store requires considerable attention to gain a WooCommerce B2B solution that is regularly used in most online stores. Instead of using the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce, your potential customers will usually have to navigate via the individual product pages for managing the bulk edit WooCommerce orders. It can be a complex and time-consuming process, and it may cost you a huge amount of sales and revenue.

Particularly, there are multiple aspects by which you can leverage the customers purchasing criteria and make the process more effective and progressive. Also, you can easily set up result-driven functionality on your website via the Bulk Order Form for the WooCommerce plugin. There are a wide variety of individuals who purchase users in bulk quantities. Hence, this article sheds light on the concept, features, and functionalities of the Bulk Order Form for the WooCommerce plugin:

woocommerce bulk order

What is the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce?

Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce is a seamless and robust WooCommerce extension that provides you with seamless ways to list your products. In the same instance, it enables you to customize your product tables without needing any professional on your side. You need to create a simple, flexible, and responsive product table with the ability to add multiple options such as search fields, sorting pagination, filters, and vice versa via the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce.


The simple and robust interface of the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce is more than what meets the essence to incorporate the product tables at any place on your website with the assistance of shortcodes and lists of thousands of products for your potential customers.

Features of Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce

Following are some of the key features of the bulk order form for WooCommerce:

  • Drag and Drop Product Table Builder – Provides drag and drop columns into the dotted box (The dotted area will be displayed at the front end).
  • Completely Responsive Design View – Tables are fully responsive and will instantly adapt to fit multiple screen sizes.
  • Filtering and Sorting Options – Advanced search options consist of a filtered dropdown list i.e., customers can easily filter via category, tag, color, or product size.
  • Advanced Pagination Options – You need to choose how to display the pagination option within the product if you have multiple pages.
  • Column Customization – Highlights extra columns that include SKU, weight, dimensions, stock, tags, and vice versa.
  • Complete Product Data Control – Enlists particular products based on the categories, tags, status, custom taxonomy forms, custom field values, or data i.e., the date is based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Implement Multiple or Bulk Quantities to Cart – Display or Hide the Quantity Picker so that your customers can easily pick up a quantity directly into your product tables.

How to Install Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce?

Following are the steps required to install the Bulk Order Form for the WooCommerce plugin:

 Step # 1:

Download the ZIP file from your WooCommerce account.

Step # 2:

 Hover to WordPress Admin, click on Plugins, and click on Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you’ve downloaded by clicking on Choose File.

Step # 3:

Now, Click on Install Now, and Activate the WooCommerce extension.

Step # 4:

Go to Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce.

Step # 5:

Move to General Settings, and make changes as per your needs.

Step # 6

Click on the Save Changes

Usage of Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce

Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce enables the wholesalers to receive bulk orders on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As a powerful and simplistic WooCommerce extension that builds tables that are quite easy to set up and customize. Here are some of the uses of the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce:

  • Advanced Search Options – This option includes adding a filtered dropdown list (It filters via category, tags, color, and product sizes.)

  • Configuring Product Tables – Enables the user to configure the product tables on the settings page and use the shortcode to embed it on your website page.

  • Creates a WooCommerce Product Listings – Builds a WooCommerce product list view with the customizable columns via the drag and drop functionalities.

  • Creates Order Forms – Generates an order form for your WooCommerce-enabled website.

  • Add Extra Columns to Product Tables – Implement additional columns to your product tables, including SKU, weight, dimensions, and stocks.

  • Switches the WooCommerce Product Catalog – easily switches to WooCommerce product catalog mode with a relevant amount of ease.

Getting Started

If you want to get hands-on experience on the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase the Bulk Order Form for WooCommerce
  2. Simply Download and Install the plugin. Find the installation guide here.
  3. Enables the user to easily set up, activate, and configure the extension.

Read the technical documentation here to know more about the Bulk Order Form for the WooCommerce extension.

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