Best Websites Offering Free Hosting for WordPress and Others

When it comes for a better platform for our blogs we only think of WordPress because of it’s vast functionality and support.Across the internet most of the top website and blogs are based on WordPress.But for installing WordPress we must have hosting which non-other than $2-5 per month which is not easy for everyone to afford.Don’t feel sad because there are many website which offers free web hosting but with limited Data which lies around 1.5GB to 5GB which is more than what a beginner need in the field of blogging.

1. 000webhosting


– 1500 MB of Disk Space
– 100 GB Bandwidth
– Your own domain hosting
– cPanel Control panel
– Website Builder
– Over 500 website templates ready for download
– Free POP3 Email Box and Webmail access
– FTP and Web based File Manager 
– PHP, MySQL, Perl, CGI, Ruby. 
– No Ads at all !

Check it out Here:

2. 5gbfree


-cPanel Admin
Whether you sign up for the 5GBFree free website hosting option or the 5GB Pro option, you’ll get cPanel Admin — the best backend administration tool available.
For a brand new website, 5GBs of space with a free website hosting plan is the perfect amount to get started with. As your website and goals expand, expand your disk space to an unlimited amount of space with the 5GB Pro account.
At 20GBs of bandwidth, your 5GBFree free website hosting account will be able to handle the traffic your side-project website will receive. Upgrade to unlimited bandwidth with a 5GB Pro account to really take your website to the next level.
Start with our 5GBFree free website hosting option to get access to forums to ask questions of other users and technicians. Promote your support experience with a 5GB Pro account and receive outstanding 24/7 customer service and technical troubleshooting from live, dedicated hosting experts.
-FTP Account
You’ll be able to handle tons of file uploads with the 1 FTP account that comes with your 5GBFree free website hosting account. When your website grows, upgrade to a 5GB Pro account to get unlimited FTP accounts while continuing to get the same hosting reliability you got with your free web hosting account.
If you don’t need email for your website, sign up for our 5GBFree free website hosting plan. If you want to raise your website’s credibility and use a domain-related email address, upgrade today to our 5GB Pro option for unlimited email accounts.
-Embedded Ads
The 5GBFree free website hosting option is available because of embedded ads on your website. To make your site more professional, upgrade to a 5GB Pro account to remove the embedded ads on your site.
-PHP ability
Whether you have a 5GBFree free website hosting account or a 5GB Pro account, you will be able to run PHP on your site.
-Custom Error Pages
Are you confident that your users will never come across an error page while browsing your site? Sign up for the 5GBFree free website hosting plan to use generic error pages. If you want to customize your error pages to give your website more free advertising even during your maintenance, upgrade your hosting plan to a 5GB Pro account.
-Cron jobs
If you prefer to manually run jobs for your website, choose our 5GBFree free website hosting option for that hands-on approach. To get access to Cron jobs to automate functions and save yourself some time, upgrade to a 5GB Pro account today.
-MySQL databases
To launch your new website, start with 3 MySQL databases, available with our 5GBFree free website hosting plan. If you need to store more data in more databases, choose our 5GB Pro plan to get unlimited MySQL databases.
For your focused efforts on your fledgling website, start with 1 domain through our 5GBFree free website hosting option. Once your website picks up traffic, expand your efforts and get unlimited domains by upgrading your account to 5GB Pro.

Check it out Here: 5gbfree

3. freewebhostingarea


– long time running company – we offer free hosting from 2005 without interruption (,,
– your account will never expire; you can host your site for free as long as you wish (minimum 1 hit/month required);
– fast hosting on 8-Core CPU servers with 32 GB of RAM per server;
– free web space – up to 1500MB with 12 MB file size limit; ALL files allowed for upload; no limit for number of files/inodes;
– unmetered traffic;
– daily/weekly backups on external source – peace in mind as your files will never be lost;
– absolutely no ads for low traffic sites;
– all countries/languages allowed;
-free php5 hosting – (latest stable 5.4) with mail() active, GD2 library, php curl, php magickwand/imagick
(support for ImageMagick), php sockets, php xml, xsl, php soap, php pdo — see default php variables;
– possibility to turn on/off php variables;
– Ioncube loader for php 5.4; memcache and memcached with igbinary support;
– free MySQL 5 database (latest stable 5.5);
– phpMyAdmin preinstalled; one click database backup;  one click database import;
– unlimited accounts/databases allowed (database number per account is limited, but you can create more accounts);
– account manager – tool to change account details, File Manager (WYSIWYG File Editor, FTP client – browser based, tool to set file permissions, to create directories, to create files, tool for renaming, zip/unzip utility and more).
– one click autoinstaller (free forum, blog): Joomla, phpBB3, SMF, WordPress, Drupal, Mambo;
– mod_rewrite enabled (apache 2.2); full dot files support (.htpasswd, .htaccess – posibility to set custom error pages, to block unwanted ips/sites, to turn on/off indexes etc. etc.);
– possibility to reset account, to fix ownership;
– predefined customizable error pages 403.html, 404.html;
– full FTP support, web-ftp application available;
– SSI support (Server Side Includes – .shtml);
– instant activation – registration process is automatic – you will be able to access your new account in minutes (or seconds, depening on how fast you are);
– FREE 24/7 Technical Support;
– full email support (pop/imap) and unlimited subdomains for domain owners.


Check it out Here:

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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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  1. Unknown

    You would think that free web hosting would be pretty lousy because, well, it's free, but there are actually a few free hosting providers that are pretty good! They'll do the job and then some if you're just starting a small blog, at least, and considering it's FREE I'd say that's pretty good.

  2. Blogger

    DreamHost is definitely the best hosting provider with plans for all of your hosting requirements.

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