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Best Way Of Getting Adsense Fully Approved Even If Your Previous Adsense Was Disabled For Invalid Activity

Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are administered, sorted, and maintained by Google, and they can generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. 
Many of us work very hard on our blogs in a hope that it will earn some money one day. Google Adsense is the world’s largest and most popular website which allows bloggers to Monetize their contents in order to have some earning but due its very strict & hard policy some users also get’s shock when they get an email from Google saying that “Google AdSense Account Disabled”.

Before I have also written a post about which is the best alternative to Adsense. But somewhere the reality came to me that at first month they were paying a good amount but from the next day they stopped giving daily RPM i.e. it was $0 but still if someone click the ads then an average income is generated but you must me satisfied from that because they are not having very strict policy so it is very for small level blogs.

Recently, after some google I came to know that most of them are saying that “Google will rarely approve Adsense for a disabled account again but if they cancel your appeal then you have to forget about adsense.” but don’t worry same thing happened with me also my adsense was disabled by Google two times but what I did to make them approved is:

>>> I made approval from a blog which I created 8 months before i.e. Techyfishers.


>>> Before applying posted some posts minimum 20 posts and applied for adsense.

>>> After 6 Days wait my Adsense was fully approved for Techyfishers.

Techyfishers Home showing up Adsense ads

>>> After the approval my next step was to make my adsense account a normal account from a hosted account but it will not work if you are going to apply with subdomain…you need to have your own domain.

>>> For this see this post  Convert Adsense Hosted to Non-hosted account or You can also google it.

>>> After applying for a non-hosted account waited around 10days and finally heard a good news.

>>> An email from google saying that “Your Adsense is fully activated for applied website” and ads started showing at my website @ TechnoGeekZone 

TechnoGeekZone showing Adsense Ads and ads
One benefit of non-hosted adsense account is that we don’t need future approval from google for applying adsense to any website or a blog.Currently I am using Adsense along with ads, which is benefitting me in a great way.But Always remember one thing that keep your blog safe and never click on your ads or even say anyone to click ads on your website this can lead you in danger from next time because Google is more smarter than you think them.

Hope This Article will help you and Comments are always welcomed by Team TGZ Inc.

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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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