Best URL Shortener to Earn from Low-Traffic Websites/Blogs | BC.VC Review (Updated 2020)

Hey Geeks! This is a post in which I will show you one of the best URL shorteners to earn some $ from your Low-Traffic websites or Blogs. Internet is full of many URL shorteners services but many of them are having a bad reputation among the users regarding their bad payment modes or either they are a scam. Besides these reputation issues, they are also indulged in some fraud activities like not paying their users even reaching the payment threshold.

I’m going to introduce you to one of the best URL shorteners I ever used. Most probably if you ever heard of shortening URLs then for sure you might have heard about BC.VC which is broadly used by publishers across the internet for shortening their URLs and you can use it to earn some extra amount from blogs/websites.
For those who are new to this term ‘URL SHORTENER’ then also there’s no need to worry about that.
URL stands for UNIVERSAL RESOURCE LOCATOR and a URL of any webpage is a full address that is used to open/redirect any webpage.

URL shortener just does a simple work i.e. it shortens the full URL to a compact version URL. BC.VC is a URL shortener that lets you earn some DOLLARS for just shortening your URLs.


The process is simple:

  • You need to short a URL by BC.VC
  • Place URLs on a different social platform or on any Blog/Website
  • People will click and open your links
  • You will get a fixed CPM price for every 1000 link visitors.
Note: Users from different countries will get their pre-fixed CPM which is Cost Per Millen(Cost per 1000)

How you can earn some extra dollars besides shortening URLs?

BC.VC also offers an alternate method to earn some extra money by using their referral program.
They offer 10% of your referred person’s income for a lifetime.

Here are some exclusive features of BC.VC

  • It is a new age URL Shortener will every need of the users.
  • It uses globalized advertisements. So, there are no scam ads and all such things.
  • One of the oldest URL Shortener that actually pays.
  • The CPM being given some countries are actually high.
  • A changed User interface rather than the normal interface which is seen everywhere.

Payment Threshold and Payment Method

Minimum Payout: $50 for Payoneer
Payment Frequency: Once a week
Payment Processor: Payoneer and Wire Transfer and Bitcoin(Selected Countries).


I personally used BC.VC and they are legit with their Payments also. One thing I noticed is that they are sometimes late with the payments but they don’t cheat their users on any ground. One can use BC.VC to earn some decent amount via their URL shortener. It is reliable and worth trying.

Article written by:

Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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    URL Shortener link is the best way for the passive income and it can be useful for people who have the good number of likes on the social media platform.

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