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Best Adsense Alternative With High CPM Rates WorldWide – PopCash

PopCash is an ad network specialized exclusively in popunder CPM based display ads. Even though popunders and especially popups have been notorious for being annoying to visitors, advertisers still like them because they usually convert well and get visitors attention. Most of top tier networks, like Tribal Fusion and Casale Media still have them, so is no surprise some small network are specializing in this area. Of course, these don’t work in all niches. Most visitors looking for legal or financial advice, would probably get annoyed and never visit the site again. On the other hand, if your website is about celebrities, entertainment, streaming content or humor, your visitors  are probably more accustomed and tolerant to this form of advertising.
At first, I wasn’t sure do I want to work with them because they don’t provide any information about the company or any physical location. They don’t provide telephone or contact address. On the other hand, this is not so important since many companies that provide these never answer the phone.
They accept publishers from all countries and their rates are, despite their size, very competitive. As a comparison, their CPM rate for popunders is 30% higher than Casale Media. They show one pop per visitor and rates I was getting with them on music/entertainment website are as follows: United States $2.35, Italy $1.00, Germany $1.73, UK $1.32, Indonesia $0.94, India $0.85, Poland $0.90, Russia $1.01 etc.
Overall, their support is one of the fastest I’ve seen in more than three years of my experience with various ad networks. Every site or ad I submitted for approval was approved within few minutes to one hour.

CPM Rates

Payment terms

Believe it or not, they provide daily payment. Even though they claim it can take seven days to get paid, I was paid on the same day every time.

Payment methods

  •     PayPal
  •     PayZa
  •     Paxum

Is it legit?

Based on my experience, they are very reliable. You can give them a try and see for yourself and also reviews and Alexa Rank of Popcash is too good. I they were fake they won’t have gone too far.

What I like

  •     Daily payments
  •     Great and very fast support
  •     Simple interface
  •     You can use earnings to advertise
  •     Real time stats

What I don’t like

  •     They don’t provide phone number or address
  •     Many users hate popunders

Payment Proof

For payment proof please visit this post

Web address

         Sign up with PopCash

Article written by:

Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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  1. Unknown

    This is a great list for adding a little variety to a site, I have an arcade site, and having Adsense show the same ad three times on one page is a bit much.
    So far,
    I have tried Revenue Hits and Propeller. Propeller is nice, but I am concerned about the Revenue Hits ads. Despite having only a side slider, you could not click anywhere on my site without it clicking through to the ad, one of which created an infinite circle of pop-ups. Their slider actually got my site suspended on Adwords for suspected malware, so it might be good to be wary of them. Have you had any such problems?

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  2. Unknown

    Firstly Thanks for sharing your great thoughts and article with us.
    This will help me very much. Actually I wanted to start earning with
    AdSense, but I’m afraid, if I apply and if they reject me, then what
    will happen? I don’t have enough money to buy/create many site. Is
    there anyway to be sure that my application will be approved?

    Ashley Jones

  3. charlos john

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  4. Aniqa Rajput

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