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Don’t Use Adsterra Ad Network | Why I Stopped Using Adsterra

Adsterra is a globally well-known affiliate network for CPA advertising with a distinct Partner Care concept. With their user-friendly sophisticated traffic solutions and the best staff in the business, they help publishers maximize eCPM and advertisers achieve their KPIs and increase ROI.

Furthermore, after using Adsterra for more than 6 months I must say that this ad network pays good CPM rates to its users. Some of the positive feedback about Adsterra includes:

  1. It can be considered among the best Google AdSense alternatives.
  2. It supports both mobile and desktop ads
  3. It gives a wide range of ad display options such as Popunder, Social Bar, In-Page Push Ads, and Banner Ads.
  4. Publishers may also monetize their popular Facebook and other social media pages
  5. Adsterra provides a variety of payment methods. PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, etc.
  6. Minimal requirements for approval

Why I stopped using Adsterra Ads

I have been using Adsterra ads on this blog for more than 6 months but recently, after some observations from Google Analytics and direct testing, I found something wrong with them. Yes, the issue is with the malware being spread by the network. However, Adsterra is not directly involved in this activity but the concern is still related to them as it is their negligence that their ad partners are using malware-infected links to serve ads on the publisher’s website.

Additionally, previously also the company had been alleged to participate in malvertising. In the year 2022, Adsterra also released a statement on their malvertising and scam allegations.

adsterra ad review

You may also read it here: Official Response to Adsterra Malware and Scam Allegations

Although, Adsterra says that it has “Zero Tolerance For Scam and Malicious Advertising” but still it is somehow unable to understand or filter its partner’s ads being served on thousands of publishers’ websites. Recently, while I was routinely updating some plugins on this blog I noticed that the antivirus is catching some malware from the blog. Every time I refresh the blog it happened the antivirus catches new links infected with malware and scam. I had three ad placements – one on the sidebar, one in the footer, and one between the paragraphs of articles.

adsterra review

Sometimes all the ads served are normal but sometimes it may happen that all three placements were blocked by antivirus as it was infected with malware and scam ads. After this, I removed all the ad codes from the blog in order to prevent any reporting related to scams or malware by the visitors.


It is always advisable to choose a reliable ad network for your blog and websites. Adsense is the king in CPM based ad market but these budding networks such as Adsterra are also expanding. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the problem related to malvertising and scam ads may be solved by Adsterra in the near future. However, to be on the safer side I refrain from using Adsterra on any of my blogs for now.


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Satyendra is a market researcher from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, research, and basically anything nerdy.

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