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How to Add Interactive Content to your WordPress Site?

Today, more than ever, website owners rely on the design, functionality, and interactive content of their WordPress pages to draw attention to their brand and expand their audience. After all, a well-designed website with a smooth user interface is a perfect way to get people to connect with your content, subscribe to your email list, and purchase your goods and services.

Fortunately, with a WordPress website, there are plenty of free and paid plugins to make your site look and function just like you want it to. However, with increasing competition in all niches, content marketers are finding that they need to find other ways to stand out besides just publishing great content.

You can start by adding interactive content to your WordPress website if you want to make it truly special and one that site visitors can enjoy interacting with. We’ll show you some of the best types of interactive content you can add to your website to increase traffic, increase user experience, and place yourself as an industry leader in today’s post. Visit here for the best WordPress website design and development.


1. Quizzes

On their favorite page, everybody enjoys taking a good quiz. After all, one of the reasons Buzzfeed is so popular is that they always have a variety of quizzes on their web. Quizzes, no matter what they’re about, add a little fun and excitement to your website.

They can be personality tests, pop culture quizzes, or historical trivia – the point is that they’re short, simple, and entertaining to complete. Quizzes on your website improve user interaction, which increases your SEO and search rankings by increasing traffic and allowing users to stay longer on your site.

Furthermore, if you ask users to sign in to take your quizzes or disclose their responses, you can convert more people into members, develop your email list, and improve your email marketing campaigns by using that contact information. If you’re going to add a lot of image-heavy quizzes to your website, make sure to use a content network distribution system and an image optimization plugin like Smush It.

Images take up a lot of server space and load much slower than text, which can negatively impact the user experience, your search rankings, and the amount of traffic to your site. Your content is distributed to users as quickly as possible with both image optimization and a CDN, making people want to keep taking your website’s quizzes. While this is going on, you’re reaping the rewards of including interactive content on your website.

2. Evaluations

Getting reviews from your site users is always a good idea so you can give them more of what they want. Enabling a rating system on your website also gives you a simple way to learn what types of content people want, the items they like, and how they feel about their experience with your brand.

Several free and paid WordPress plugins will assist you in creating an interactive rating system for your website. WPForms, on the other hand, is one of the best on the market. WPForms has pre-designed templates that you can use to add a rating system to your site as the most beginner-friendly contact form plugin available today. Using the shortcode generator, you can add your rating system to any post, website, or widget area (even your site’s footer).

You can use conditional logic on these forms to learn why people react the way they do when they rate something.

If you want to get people’s feedback on goods, services, and interactions on a predetermined scale, you should use a Likert scale visit here for the best WordPress website design and development.

3. User Chat Option

Is your website the kind where visitors have a shared interest and will want to interact with one another while reading your content?

If that’s the case, you should consider adding a chat feature to your website so that users can privately message one another, receive updates when new messages arrive, display chat history, and respond to group chats. Check out the iFlyChat WordPress plugin to do so. You can offer users the option of chatting individually, in a group chat, or even in a chat room with this plugin. You can also incorporate your site’s online support channel so that visitors can contact you directly.

You can also moderate chats to keep things civil, customize chat rooms’ appearances, allow people to share files, and get automatic encryption if your site has an SSL certificate for added protection. Including a live chat feature on your website can increase site interactivity and allow visitors to spend more time there.

4. Make user-generated content accessible.

There’s nothing quite like having your work published on your favorite website. As a result, allowing site visitors to contribute content to your site is a great way to improve site engagement and return visitor numbers.

With a high-quality plugin including User Submitted Posts, you can help your site visitors post content to your website on the front end. This free plugin, which can be found in the WordPress Repository, allows visitors to add not only content to your blog but also an unlimited number of photos visit here for the best WordPress website design and development.

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