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Techno Geek Zone is a blog covering highly professional posts on technology, blogging, science, and social media among others. Techno Geek Zone was founded on July 29, 2014. However, we started our online journey much earlier with a sub-domain on Google’s Blogger platform. The blog focuses on Tech Blogging, Apps and Software, SEO, and our current trend is based on that. However, we are keeping a balance on all of our topics.

We cover tech articles for gadgets, software, blogging, and more. We also have a product/site reviews section where we feature our honest opinions. More than 75% of our traffic is Organic Traffic, mainly from India, Southeast Asian countries, and United States. Our content is targeted towards the global audience, primarily, although some categories are regionally targeted.


” Technology & Science is what you make it ! “


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                                                                Satyendra Maurya

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