6 Best Caption Generator Apps for Instagram in 2021

As an Instagram lover, we know you are very crazy about uploading new pictures and want to become a cool Instagrammer to increase your follower’s list. But, for this, you always have to find captions for every picture you post. Sometimes it becomes tough to find a perfect match of caption for a picture, and sometimes it isn’t very clear to select one good caption.

6 best caption generator apps in 2021

But do not worry. We are here to help you find the right captions and make your work hassle-free. We understand how important it is to write a caption for every post to engage the audience, and also it plays an important role in increasing your reach on the platform.

For doing this, Instagram caption generator tools come to help you. You also get the opportunity to search through different categories, e.g., sports, beauty, lifestyle, motivation, and even weddings, according to TechiePlus.

You can access these Instagram caption generator apps from your mobile and desktop.

So here are some of our Instagram caption generator 2021 tool picks for you.


Who likes to struggle for captions for hours and then type just an emoji and post content? Well, no one loves to do that. This app will save your precious time and will provide you with the best captions in seconds. In addition, it has options under multiple categories.

Here are a few of the impeccable features this app has:
• This app contains More than 15,000 captions of over 50 categories
• Every time New captions and categories are added/updated daily. You can browse through whichever category you like.
• It also Provides awesome captions for your photos using Artificial Intelligence.
• This app also contains innumerable hashtags and will suggest you the perfect match of caption for your photographs.
• Seamless UI for intuitive exploration and an outstanding experience.
• It is free to download and work on.
And a bonus work this app does is also find hashtags for your pictures . so now you don’t need to start finding hashtags for your pictures. This will save you a lot of time. It has phenomenal captions and is easy to access.
And finally, you don’t have to find or ask others for perfect captions.

Download this app and start posting your precious moments right now


This app will help you in many ways. It has many other features which you can use to increase your engagement with the audience. This app can plan your Instagram and make it reach a large audience.

Features of this app are:

• This app makes it easy to find various category captions and also hashtags. Moreover, the categories are uncountable and can make you find a relevant caption for your pictures.
• The premium subscription of this app provides you with various categories for captions and hashtags.
• This app also consists of amazing filters and has the best editing tools to enhance your photos and make them more interesting.
• You also get an option for reposting the posts, IGTV, reels, and videos in this app.
• You can schedule and plan a particular time to post anything as per your everyday routine.
• It is easy to access and is free to download.
So now what are you waiting for? Start using this app for the betterment of your reach and use Instagram like a PRO.


Every picture of yours deserves perfect captions.

The days are gone when you had to search all over the internet to find that one perfect caption for your Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media post.

Here are some of the features of this app we loved and want to share with you:

• You can edit captions as per your wish in this app.
• The premium version of this app consists of captions by categories.
• This app also includes Instagram bio ideas, hashtags, and also WhatsApp group name ideas.
• The Instagram bio ideas option also has many categories in itself.
• Also, this app has gender-specific ideas.
• It also has your favorites listed.


Are you an iOS user? Do you find it difficult to search for an app that helps you generate captions on the Appstore?

Do you type boring captions and post them? Your reach is never going to increase by typing dull and boring captions. But don’t worry. We are here to help you find the best captions and make your content look interesting.
This app will help you increase your audience and will attract new followers to your profile.

These are the features:

• This app contains thousands of unique and different captions for your pictures.
• You can also search for captions by emojis. This makes it easier to find the perfect captions as per your pictures.
• This app also has caption challenges competitions, and here you can submit your witty, trendy, and funny captions and get featured and increase your followers!
• This app is easy to use. You have to copy and paste the selected captions.

5. QuinSta

This app is all you need if you love Instagram. It is a package of all in one. If you want to have a wide range of tools to enhance your Instagram journey, you must have this app on your smartphone. It has many features which will help you in developing your reach and making your content more interesting.

The features are as follows:

• This app is a package of different tools and includes Hashtags, Grids, Captions, Bios, Fonts & More.
• It has editing tools to enhance your posts’ beauty and enables you to share them with others. In addition, you can easily export anything you have edited.
• This app also contains stylish and decorated cool fonts. This option has a wide variety of fonts. You can choose whichever you love.
• Instagram Hashtags, Instagram Captions, Captions for Insta Stories, Insta Bios, Stylish Fonts, and grids are the best features this app provides.
Isn’t it great to have all your favorite utilities in one app? But, of course, we know it is best to have them in one place.

6. TagWag

Ever ran into the problem of not having any caption for that beautiful picture of yours, and you end up posting it without any caption? No more straining out to your boyfriend or girlfriend for captions, no more running to best buddies for a great caption, now that we are here for you. Do you want to earn money from your Instagram account?

TagWag allows you to earn money from Instagram. TagWag aids you find remarkable, catchy, trending, concise, and engaging captions and hashtags for your Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter most comfortable and quickest.


• Fresh Captions and Hashtags
• Thousand of captions according to your favorite categories.
• AI-Powered Suggestions
• Also has the best Instagram quotes
• This app also has the perfect hashtag finding feature.
• See what is trending and get a glimpse of a different and huge collection of categories.
Suppose it is getting harder and more expensive to run advertisements to market your products on social media. This app will help you to reach a large audience and will make your community larger.

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