5 Things Which Every Startup Must Need to Keep in Check

Hello there! When it comes to entrepreneurship, we all are a little scared, a little confused and a lot concerned because it is always a road with sticky ends if you are not effective enough. And that again, calls in for help. Let us talk about the things that have been tampering with our efforts of entrepreneurship. There are quite a few things that have been ignored, downplayed for the longest times. It may seem really minute and small but it causes a lot of damage, when not paid the much needed attention. These 5 things will give you some useful insights as of how things needed to be taken care of, as a starting-up entrepreneur!

1.Stick to what you know

Yeah, experiment is fine, but not when you are starting up. You will never know where you will end up if you take an unknown path. So it’s better to stick with the ways you know and you are absolutely sure about! Take instructions or advices from experiences people and that will help you loads! During tough decisions, try sticking to things that have already been tried out, rather than trying something new, as a startup. Again, if you are sure and fixed about something, go for it! Risk is cool, but for now, play safe.

2.Social circle 

Your circle of friends define you! So make sure you have a good, classy and helpful squad. You might not immediately realize how important this might be but you will know it over time.  Remember back when we were in school and our parents advised us to have good friends? (they always know better!) For instance, having a person with bad fame and notorious reputation might tamper your own image in public. So think twice about your contacts! Also, it is important to have connections. You never know who comes in handy when. Network works like a spider web and you might get your next biggest project, owing to your connections and people you know. I mean, who knows?

3.Have skills of persuasion

Investors have a lot of random excuses when they are reluctant to invest in you! Therefore, learn to persuade. Learn to convince them why you are the best option for them. Explain and learn to take charge of things and that will help you more than anything! Be the voice of your company and make sure you nail every point you make. The more confident and the more you speak up with intellect, the more you will benefit! And again, this doesn’t mean you should be clingy and annoy your investors non-stop! This kind of behavior may lead to them cutting ties with you forever!

4.Control expenses

Start ups have loads of expenses. Like having to set up your own office, the furniture, the electronics and what not when you start it up! Choose and shop wisely. If you choose online shopping, much better. For instance, let us take Laptops. You are gonna order them for your employees anyway. You can buy them at a mega online store like Flipkart and avail huge discounts and cut down some of your expenses too! Always keep in the mind that the more you save, the better!

5 Things Which Every Startup Must Need to Keep in Check


Make your marketing strategy effective and to the point. Use new and innovative ideas in marketing. Hit the social media like facebook, twitter. Email marketing is another extraordinary thing that will help you reach your audience. Having a strategic plan to use the marketing tools will actually help you reach your goals faster than you think. And try alternate methods, think out of the box. Hit big!

These are some of the things that not regarded as bigger things but make difference anyway. There are several other things that a startup needs to keep in mind and using the technology will be again, a plus point. Therefore, take your startup steps carefully and don’t rush into anything! Think twice before you act.

This post is written by Lavanya. Lavanya is a bookworm, flower child, new age traveller and a free spirit. An avid reader of classics, contemporary fiction and biographies, idolizes Elon Musk, dreamer and a Do-er. Feminist and a strong spirited woman who loves exploring the entrepreneurial world.

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Satyendra is a market researcher from the city of nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, research, and basically anything nerdy.

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