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5 Reasons Why Everybody Hate Google Adsense

I met many people in this blogosphere and I can only say one thing that most of them discussed about earning from the blogs or from Youtube videos. When it comes from earning via Youtube one has only a choice of using Google Adsense which is most commonly used on blog also in order to earn some money. However, when it is particularly for blogs then there are many options available on internet which are legit ways to earn from a blog but one must reach the requirements of those networks.

Here I’ll be talking about some of the fact where people do hate Google Adsense, most of them love it also as it is considered one of the best way as well as easiest way to get some income out of your hard work. I’m not saying that everyone hate Adsense but matter of fact is that everyone also don’t like it. Not at all.

Approval process is sometime so hard

Yes this is a fact that getting your Adsense account is an easy task but for that one must have a high quality blog along with proper layout and many things along with unique content. Sometimes it may also happen that your blog is approved in first step but rejected in second approval process. Though this is very common in Adsense but sometime your application may be rejected due to previous banned account from that blog and Adsense don’t allow such blog again to get back its account.

Hard to follow Terms and Conditions

Google has many terms and conditions to follow, which consists of commands related to ad placements,click,design, and number of ads. If Google finds any of the TOS unfollowed by the users then their account could be suspended and even disabled. 

Getting banned without owner’s mistake

This the point over which I’m having some personal frustrations as it was about some years ago when I got my Adsense approved and applied ads on my blog but after one week when I earned about $5 in Adsense then the account was disabled by Google saying in a mail following the reason of “AdSense account disabled for invalid activity” I was shocked to see this but later on realized that some of my friends wrongly clicked ads on my blog. I don’t know why they did it whether it was a prank or personal grievance but when I posted an Application to reinstate my account they rejected it also. I don’t know whether they stuck on their policy or something else but It was none of my mistake still my account got banned. According to me, they should deduct the income which is earned in account by false means rather than disabling ones account.

Reinstating never work after getting disabled

There are many people on the Internet claiming that they got their account by giving some reason into it but those reason seemed to never work for anyone among their users. However, Adsense don’t easily reinstate ones account after getting disabled. I didn’t met anyone personally so far who got their account back after getting disabled. If you are one who got his account reinstated back then please don’t forget to leave a comment.

Payment Rules 

Now here comes that last point where people having an account of Adsense still hate it most, this point is Google Adsense’s Payment cycle. If you completed your $100 then you are not going to get it soon in some days or week but fact is that It may cost you to wait for some months if you applied cheque payment method but It may take one month to get your money through Electronic fund transfer method. In every case of payment user need to wait for next month for initiation of payment. Sometime Adsense take more time to transfer the payment than shown in their policy.

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Satyendra is a Biotechnologist from the city of Nawabs, Lucknow. Apart from blogging, his other interests are Indian rap knowledge, affiliate marketing, poetry, and basically anything nerdy.

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