5 Innovative Ways To Improve Your Headphone Quality

Earphone can give you attractive features, but most of the people don’t realize that there is a possibility of improving these features. If you like to try new things with your devices and gadgets, then this time you should do some innovative experiments with your earplug.
The first thing that you can do is to improve the music quality and the possibility of enhancing features in a headphone is definitely limitless. If you just focus on the possible enhancements that you can make, then you will be amazed by the result.
Simple headphone or Bluetooth headphone is easily available on the Internet these days. In fact, even the local markets are filled with a huge variety and choices. You just need to focus on the requirement that you have, and then you can get exactly what you want at the best prices.
There are several resourceful ideas that earphone users can try and enjoy enhanced earpiece functionalities. Let’s try some creative ideas to change the limits of your music listening experience without investing anything in it.

Five Innovative Ways

1. Enhance Bass:

Do you know that there is a choice for you to enhance the bass effect in the earpiece? You can do it in the Control Panel. For this setting, you need to get to the Control Panel, and then you need to click on the Hardware and Sound option.
Select the title Sound. When the Playback tab appears, you can find the headphone listed in it. Choose the Properties with Right-click. After that, you will see the tab named Enhancement. You just need to check the Bass Boost box. Then you can apply and save the setting.

2. Making Headphone Wireless:

If you want to make your headphone wireless, then Bluetooth Headsets can help you with it. There is an option of turning your wired headpiece into semi-wireless with the use of the Bluetooth-enabled device. Jabra Clipper will play the most important role in this transformation.
Simply plug it into Jabra Clipper and then you can connect it with the Bluetooth Headsets. After successfully connecting the device, you can go to the setting of your Bluetooth device to see if it is recognized. That’s it!

3. Headphone Sound Proofing:

If you are interested in the soundproof feature of headphone, then why don’t you try turning your old earpiece into soundproof one? Well, that is possible and you don’t need to invest even a single penny for this.
For this, you will need is in-ear headphones and foam earplugs. Flatten the foam and make a tiny hole in the middle of the foam so that the sound can pass through. Then, just push the earplug exactly over the earbud. This will work like magic, and your headset will become sound proof!

4. Improved Feel And Sound:

If you want to enhance the music listening experience, then adding velour pads will do a wonderful enhancement in sound and feel the quality. You can improve the comfort level of your old and not so comfortable earbuds.
All you have to do is to purchase velour ear pads. They can be used for the size of all headpieces. Velour pads are easily accessible in the Internet market so you would not need to search too much for the purchase. A just simple change will do extraordinary change in your music listening experience.

5. Over-the-Ear Headphones:

If you need to change your headphone style, then you have a choice of converting your regular earpiece into Over-the-Ear ones. You can make this change with the use of Twist Ties. It is simple yet highly effective.
You have to twist the tie in both earbuds as tightly as possible. It will instantly convert the grip, and your simple earphone will become a sport-ready. You can easily purchase twist ties for your Headphones online. It would not be a big investment, but the effect will be amazing.
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