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The waves of Covid-19 have not only affected the physical health of the people but it has severely impacted their mental health as well. It’s not the infection that has been worrying the public; it’s the lockdown that appeared to be more troubling for them. Of course, getting locked inside your house not only for the whole day but for the whole month and year has all negative effects on your personality. This is even more harmful to the cognitive abilities of people who are more into traveling and socializing at regular intervals.

According to a The Times of India report, extroverts have been severely affected by COVID-19 so far as their psychological abilities are concerned. The fear of contracting the infection has made them depressed and anxious, restricting them to the much-needed lockdown inside the four walls of their houses. In such a situation, mobile games have become one of the most effective pastimes for individuals, irrespective of their age. These games are developed in such a way that the players get an opportunity to brainstorm to figure out different ways of achieving their target and winning the game.

With the help of these games, the players get a chance to enhance their mental abilities, especially in these times of lockdown when they feel blank quite often. There are several games available online to allow individuals to choose something they want to play to get refreshed. Though you have work-from-home scheduled on the weekdays, you can utilize your break time to divert your mind from whatever stress you have. If you are a homemaker, you can still enjoy the games and get some time to rejuvenate yourself for the rest of the day.

These online games, of course, refresh you and alongside sharpen your mind so that your mind continues to function normally when you resume the normal routine after the COVID phase. Here are the top 5 mobile games that you can consider playing to keep your mind sharp while entertaining yourself at the same time.



The first on the list, obviously, is one of the most sought-after card games. Rummy, which is most often considered as the game of luck, is actually the game of skills. As soon as you have the cards in front of you, your brain starts working automatically. From observing your own cards to plan your sets and sequences to be alert about the cards your opponents are discarding, you have to have a significant level of presence of mind.

To ensure the sequences the opponents are planning to build are not achieved, it is important for you to make your brain think differently and strategize things accordingly. In addition, the cards they discard would become the suit your sequence would belong to. Remember, your focus should be to build at least one pure sequence i.e. the set of cards without the joker.


Solving puzzles and crosswords have always been considered the best way of sharpening your minds. Remember, how you waited for the newspaper to arrive to have a chance to look at the crossword and Sudoku puzzles to find out how many and how fast you can figure out the missing words and numbers. Today, when even newspapers have become a medium of contraction of the infection, you fear coming in contact with the newspaper delivery men as well.

To make it convenient, online platforms like MPL have come up with the most feasibly accessible number puzzles on your screen. Yes, you can play Sudoku game online from wherever you are and strengthen your mental abilities. There is a timer on the gaming app you choose to play the game on. This will let you be aware of how much time you take in solving the number puzzle.

Speed Chess

When it comes to enhancing or checking the capability of your brain, what else other than chess could help, isn’t it? Chess is a game you cannot make plans or think of the strategies for beforehand. Every single of yours would be decided on the basis of the last move made by your competitor. Hence, it tests how efficiently your brain functions in emergencies. Even if you are a slow thinker, playing speed chess on a regular basis would enhance the skill to think and act instantly as per the situation.

Bubble Shooter

The ability to concentrate plays a great role in determining how sharp your mind is. This is what the game – Bubble Shooter helps you assess and enhance. In the game, the players have to form groups of three or more bubbles. There are bubbles of different colours on the screen. Hence, you have to make a group of bubbles of the same color. As soon as the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen, the game ends. The players who destroy more bubbles in one shot earn more points. The one with no bubbles left in the paying area is the winner.

Fruit Slice/Chop

Different fruits, in this game, are arranged in a particular pattern for the players to chop and slice. In the Fruit Slice game, if the player misses out on a single fruit three times, he/she loses. Make it look good, cut it in a proper way, grind them well to prepare tasty fruit juice in the game. As and when a player slices the fruits, the score gets updated. Hence, you can keep a check on that.

Playing the above-mentioned games will surely make your lockdown a productive time to spend on enhancing your mental capabilities. You might not believe it now but start practicing these games and see the wonders they do in improving your cognitive skills. You can choose the best gaming platform to ensure you get the best user experience and also an opportunity to earn when you win. No matter which platform you choose, it is recommended that you go through the guidelines provided by it to understand the way a particular game needs to be played and won.

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