Robot ‘Army’ Can Swarm Into 3D Formations

Robot 'Army'Can Swarm Into 3D Formations
Miniature robots with a highly drill sergeant of 1000 coin size robots can make any formation to make three dimensional shapes.Scientist at Harvard University have successfully created a huge an army of small bots that use infrared lights and vibration motors to work together like insects.
A familiar name is Kilobots,these small bots are of about 2.5 cm and can stand just in 2 cm off ground. But despite of there size,the Kilobots can achieve big things.By synchronizing there movements,thousands of these bots can come together to form a 3D formation.This synchronized effort like the behavior of bees,ants and some other insects that work together in a extremely large groups to make structures.Researchers program each and every robot with a mathematical concept that enables bots to move on its own when working at the same time with other bots.

The Kilobots:

The robots are having many of the sensors and skill of art (in their program).
In the past building a huge robot swarm was not an easy task for researchers because of money and time.
At present the Kilobots are working together and the form 3d shapes-their favorite formation is the latter “K”. They can also transform themselves into some common things.

The future robots:

In 3D printing, we tell a printer which shape we want to make and then it make it of plastic or other material. But when you’re working with programmable robots, the robots behave like a slender thread-like object in other words you just tell the bots which shape you want,and they get together to form that 3D shape of that object. Programmable bots have users that increase the working capacity of a average 3D printer.


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