3 Tips for Finding the Most Engaging Kids Racing Games

As we were browsing through various racing games to play that are suitable for kids, one of my friends recently shared a link that neatly organized the top games that are currently being played. I had a quick grasp at it and decided to check some of those games listed. It provided some great suggestions for some games which are definitely kid-friendly.
I’ve noticed that choosing the most engaging games can sometimes be tricky, so I’ve listed below 3 main tips that might help you.

Play games released by gaming developers that are popular

Top developers are very likely to know which car games are both addictive and most attracted by users. Usually, the free games are limited in terms of the racing tracks that are available. For more adventure and challenging tracks, you will more likely need to spend money on them.
Depending on the developers, the look and feel for each kids racing game can differ though the ultimate challenge may remain almost the same. Certain games are owned by franchises that have passed on through several generations such as Hot Wheels, which now zips through very challenging tracks. Games that require chasing others in a car tend to gain more popularity such as Common Sense Media’s LEGO DC Super Heroes Chase. The better developers are also aware that the kids racing games may not just be limited to cars. The more variations are the better.

Be the master of roads in every vehicle type

Car racing games have been popular through several years and kids have found their own sense of enjoyment in the past. However, kids nowadays find great joy in games that use other vehicles types. The fact that this experience doesn’t pose any threat to actual injury adds to the excitement. Some popular games in this genre include Peg + cat where the object that you race with includes a “pizza car”. 
With mobile gaming becoming popular, developers have found ways to incorporate features such as mobile phone vibrations to enhance the gaming experience. Depending on the situation experienced in the game, the vibrations can be reflected accordingly. Top-notch gaming developers are also able to incorporate the dynamics of the laws of physics to give kids a realistic experience of even driving without a license. Additionally, they could choose to drive a van or truck around a track or choose a sports car such as a Ferrari to take for a spin.

Experience different gaming experiences across multiple devices

Most games vary in type, while some games are developed to adapt to various devices. Accordingly, the graphics, detail, and functionalities may differ. For eg: a mobile car racing game may more likely be designed to make it compatible with VR (virtual reality) headsets. This gives the kids an ultra-realistic experience and sensation of being inside a car and to be constantly on the watch for oncoming traffic. 
Some games perform well both on Android and iOS and usually are similar in type. The firmware can, however, make them differ in terms of sound and picture quality. Using both hands on a larger device such as an iPad may also give the kids a sense that they are using an actual steering wheel. Additionally, some devices are compatible with console games too in which case, can be connected to a larger television for a better experience. 


Most parents are in fact worried about their kids spending too much time playing addictive games. However, there are ways to making it a learning opportunity if done right. The more realistic the car racing games are to a simulator, it will help kids learn the dynamics of driving on an actual road. After all, choosing a game with features that are right for each individual requirement is more likely to keep all parties happy.

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