How to Edit Htaccess File in Wordpress without FTP? [Solved]

As a user-friendly, fast-growing publication platform, WordPress, the world's most popular website building platform is preferred by millions of Developers, Bloggers and Companies. WordPress installation and the site execution require no information of the files and directories. But one day you may be in a circumstance where you need some knowledge about WordPress files. The file .htacess is an important WordPress file you 'd like to know about. It's not an easy task to modify the .htaccess file directly. There may be damage to the site with a small slip.

By default .htaccess file is hidden by WordPress and can only be accessed with the help of any third-party application like FileZilla. But here's how you can edit .htaccess file without any FTP application.

Step 1:

Install and activate WP Htaccess Editor on your You can also search for this plugin in the Add New Plugin area of the WordPress dashboard and install it.

Step 2:

Once you have installed the Plugin then you just need to click on WP Htaccess Editor under the Settings option of WordPress dashboard.

This will take you to the .htaccess file you don't need to leave your WordPress dashboard. Here you can insert any code snippet which you like and remember to save the changes.

Features of WP Htaccess Editor:

  • WP Htaccess Editor is fully compatible and tested with WP Network (WPMU). 
  • Use the “test before saving” button to test .htaccess file syntax before saving. 
  • Htaccess Editor makes automatic backups of .htaccess file every time you make a change to it.

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