How To View HTML Source Code of Any Web Page in Android Mobiles

Viewing the HTML source code of any web page in an Android browser like Google Chrome is possible, but not as easy as it is on a Computer. On a Computer, we only have to right-click on the web page somewhere and pick View source page option or something like that depending on the browser type.

For Computer Browsers, there is also an additional keyboard shortcut to view the source page i.e. by CTRL+U which may also differ according to the browser used. 

While in the case of an Android device this is difficult as there's a different method used to view the source page. It is not so difficult but it's not as easy as the method used for PC browsers.

View Page Source in Android Mobile Browser

Right now the method is utilized in Chrome and Firefox mobile browsers but it's quite possible that this will work with other browsers too.

In order to view page source in the Chrome mobile browser, just simply put view-source: in front of the web page’s URL, in your browser’s address bar, like this:


Here is the screenshot of the same applied method in the chrome mobile browser.

It will work on other browsers besides Chrome and Firefox on any Android device. There are very few chances that this method will not work for other browsers.

There may be some apps available on the Internet that allow you to access the HTML source code of a web page as well, but since this method is basic and has wide acceptability, there is no need to install a separate app for this task.

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